FYIs again…part 4?

Lentils are a delightful alternative to beans in my usual rice bowl creations.

“Lentil” is also easier to say than garbanzo.

Forgetting that there are fireworks planned nearby on a Friday night can freak the crap out of you when the booms and bangs begin.

Sometimes you shouldn’t feel guilty for liking the same exact thing every day (or using the same picture numerous times.)

After all, food is weird, but so are people.

Wearing clicky shoes makes me feel important.

Wearing running shoes makes me feel more comfortable.

Some people will accept your unhealthy behavior if it benefits them in some way. This doesn’t make it OK.

School buses evidently stop at each individual child’s driveway now instead of at a bus “stop.”

I walked to a bus stop down the street every morning when I was little, and we had more fun before the bus came than we did the whole day at school.

Numbers, comments and opinions are only as strong as the power you assign to them.

Typos are unfortunate, especially if they involve the words “public,” “exotic” or pens…I’ll give you a minute.

There is nothing wrong with doctoring up an organic frozen meal…

and then taking over a real chef’s blog and pretending to know how to cook.

Even when I’m going the speed limit, my heart still jumps into my throat when I drive by a cop running radar. After that passes, I get arrogant and feel like I deserve extra credit or something for obeying the law.

Most people are looking for an excuse, not a solution. Do not be one of these people. (This annoys me, even if it’s me.)

I get freaked out when I feel my pulse in weird places.

It’s Astrid’s birthday next week, but she’s giving a present to you! Stop by her blog and wish her a happy day, as she makes me smile (and hungry) each time I do.

I wanted to include my usual video that excites and amazes, but I couldn’t get it embedded because I’m stupid technologically (not technically stupid, mind you.) So, if you want some recommendations of books NOT to read this year, Jimmy Fallon has a few suggestions.

As always, share your FYIs!

4 responses to “FYIs again…part 4?

  1. You an I fell in love with lentils the same week!

    -I got my handwriting analyzed. I’m either a doctor or a serial killer

    -It really stresses me out when people who are dating don’t have the same size mouth

    -I think Darth Vader wore black because it made him look thinner

    – don’t feel like things are going to turn out well for Miley Cyrus if she doesn’t start wearing pants

    -Guest posts are refreshing

    -Some people should fall off the blogosphere

    -furry babies make the scales less intimidating 😉

  2. Yeah they stop at every house where I live too. My junior year of highschool, I would always have to try and beat the school buses out of the school parking lot, because if I didn’t, I’d be stuck behind them on the way home, and it would cost me about 20 more minutes than usual. Not fun.

    Oh, and if you’re in love with Jimmy Fallon as much as I am, you can’t have him, he’s mine. (and he’s married) 🙂

  3. Lentils are one of my favorite thing these days. Easy, cheap, delicious… what more could you ask for? I only have one FYI this morning until my brain wakes up:

    Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and realizing I forgot to hit the ‘delay brew’ button on the coffee pot last night.

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