Hugs and Kisses

When I was little, I was really close to my grandpa and dispensed hugs freely to him upon request. However, I had a thing with kisses. As much as I loved him, I always gave him the cheek and quickly wiped away any contact that was made. He always made a big deal if I actually kissed him and joked about it until the day he died.

Now truth be told, my grandpa was one of the greatest men ever.  While I realize no one likes wet kisses, we also used to joke that we could put his shirt in the fridge and serve it to him for dinner due to the amount of leftovers spilled down the front. Not appealing.

But the real reason?

When I was little I thought you could get pregnant from kissing, so I avoided it at all costs with anyone of the male species—especially those with kielbasa on their chin. Now I am still a hugger much more than a kisser, but it’s because I am totally OCD and have intimacy issues.

Even when it comes to chocolate, on most occasions I still prefer the Hug to the Kiss—of the Hershey variety, of course. So while I’ve presented this “recipe”—it’s so easy I hesitate to call it that—before, I recently made a fall-themed batch and thought I would reintroduce it to the blog so you remember to make it too.

There are many variations that can be created with any kind of Hershey Kisses/Hugs, and it’s also fun to use a Rolo and a pecan or walnut for a turtle version. However, I still defer to the Hug—I like the stripes and it looks cool.


All you need are three ingredients: pretzels, M & Ms and Hershey Hugs.

1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees, line a baking sheet with foil and cover the foil with plain mini pretzels (either the normal twisty kind or circles).

pretzel22. Unwrap the hugs, and then place a hug in the center of each pretzel.

3. Stick the pan in the oven for only around four minutes (depending on the oven). You want to make sure the hugs get melty, but don’t want them to burn (hence the low heat).

4. As soon as you have meltage (technical terms), remove the pan from oven and immediately place an M&M in the center of each melty hug/pretzel hybrid.

pretzel3 5. Either cool on the counter for a couple hours, or if you have no patience, stick the pan in the fridge for an hour or so.

pretzel46. If you’re feeling so inclined, fill some little fall baggies with the treats, pair them with the turkeys you made a couple weeks ago and take a totally crappy picture of them to put on your blog.

If that doesn’t impress your friends…well, I wouldn’t be surprised. However, throw a few fun facts into the conversation and you’re good-to-go.

  • “Kisses” were first introduced in 1907 and are thought to be named for the sound or motion of the chocolate being deposited during manufacturing.
  • “Hugs” got their name because they appear to be little “Kisses” being hugged by white chocolate.
  • Hershey makes more than 80 million Hershey’s Kisses brand chocolates every day in its chocolate factories in Hershey and Virginia.
  • It would take around 95 Hershey Kisses to equal one pound of chocolate.

Considering my last post and question were about the dentist, I find it only fitting to ask you about your favorite sugary Hershey Kiss flavor today.

There are a million varieties now—caramel, almond, even candy corn—what do you prefer?

Are you a hugger or a kisser?

14 responses to “Hugs and Kisses

  1. hmmm those look familiar…..I hope you enjoyed some. I like chocolate with almond kises.

    Im a hugger though, i dont smack lips, but I hug a lot. mostly trees and animals.

  2. The dark chocolate Kisses rule!

  3. I’m not a big hugger or kisser! I’m just not touchy feely I guess. I’ve gotten teased by friends though all the time, who know this, and deliberatley tried to chase me to give me hugs. I just don’t like to! Unless I’m like, feeling sad or something. Hugs are good then 🙂

    ❤ Tori

  4. I need to get the pumpkin and candy apple kisses soon. I love kisses! In real life, I adore hugs more than kisses. They make you feel safe, and physically they also feel safer. You can’t really misread a hug, right?
    My grandfather’s kisses freak me out too at times. But since I see him so rarely, I cherish them!

  5. almond in the center. i havent had a kiss in YEARS. um, both kinds i think. (that “type” at least) stupid intimacy issues.

    anyways, very cute recipe abby. i could make these with my nephew i’ll bet. maybe i will. maybe i will even eat one.

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  7. I actually prefer the original milk chocolate ones 😛 They are the only true chocolate ‘kisses’ in my opinion!

    Would you think I was mentally challenged if I told you that I didn’t even know that Hershey’s made ‘hugs’? Well, I didn’t. Very cool recipe though! A little cuter than my eyeballs, that’s for sure.
    ❤ Tat

  8. I’ve never been kissed by a friend or family member – we’re just not that touchy-feel-y I guess.

    But hugs? Uh-uh, no. I’m one of those people who has a “bubble” of personal space and 99% of those who know me know that the barrier is there. I’ll hug my parents (I don’t see them often) and my husband but that’s about it.

    I love the caramel kisses!

    • I think I may have given the wrong impression, in that I’m not touchy-feely at all either. In fact, my bubble of person space is more like an electrified force field. It’s pretty much just my mom, and even then it’s minimal as she’s scared she’ll break me. 😉

  9. These are delicious! I hope you tried some, too 🙂

    And stop the presses! Candy corn flavored kisses? What?! Gross but true: I used to eat candy corn for dinner. I’d give those kisses a try 🙂

    I’m with you on the family kissing thing, though there are three people besides my husband that I won’t give the cheek to: my mom, dad and mother-in-law. But it doesn’t mean I like it.

  10. Those look awesome!! I also had weird kissing issues with my dad…just seemed weird to me!

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  12. Hugs for sure.

    You know you’re world famous for these treats right?@

    Hugs to you Abs.

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