Houston quickie by the numbers

So far my trip has been rather work-related in preparation for the first party event tonight, but I thought I would drop in and let you know I haven’t been swept off my feet by some elderly oil baron with one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel–or a hot cowboy–so there’s not much to report.

However, a few numbers and random rambles.

3:ย  As in, I woke up at 3am Thursday for our 6am flight.

3: Hours in the air, but I lucked out and was not stuck next to a screaming child or a chit-chatty adult with morning breath. Bonus.

I would make sure my oxygen mask was in place before assisting Uncle June.

2: Hard-boiled eggs eaten on the plane as part of my breakfast. They were apparently suspicious material, as they prompted a bag check and funny looks when pulled out with prunes, Larabars, almond butter and cereal. Are these not normal carry-on items?

40: Degrees. In Houston. This was not on my daily manic weather check of the weather and I am not impressed. While I’m coming from single-digit Michigan, I am still cold.

1,009: People from Texas that have told me I must have brought the cold weather with me. If my fingers weren’t frozen, I would selectively choose one to flip to them.

2: Salads eaten at the closest place for anything green–a “mall” food court (there are about 10 stores.) Delicious option, but they’re not open on the weekends, so this lunch option will not exist going forward. If my fingers weren’t frozen, I would selectively choose one to flip to mall management.

I like green things.

450: Sponsor bags stuffed yesterday in a back room of the House of Blues for our event tonight.

750: People expected to be at our event tonight (I will post about this later, but it’s the same thing as last year.)

1: Lackluster cheesy mushroom sandwich on wheat from Potbelly’s. Lame.

I had high hopes...meh.

300: Kids at the Children’s Museum last night when I had to go take pictures for my other publication. However, I actually enjoyed seeing how much fun they were having. I might or might not have created a Styrofoam cup creature…

1: Picture of Uncle June at Minute Maid ballpark, as that’s where our second event is tomorrow. I love baseball. I miss baseball. It needs to hurry up.

Buy him some peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

40: Degrees. Did I mention this, along with the fact that this event is semi-outside tomorrow night? Again, if my fingers weren’t frozen…

2: Cab drivers that I think were either blind or driving with a chronic case of road rage and a blatant disregard for lights, lanes and laws.

1: Ironing board in the hotel room that I can’t figure out how to collapse, no matter how I flip it around and hit it with random things. It’s become a nice stand for my junk–making the most of it.

3: Towels used as a “yellow brick road” of sorts from the shower to my suitcase, as I forgot my hotel shower flip-flops.

10+: Unsuccessful attempts at figuring out how to jack up the heat in my room (so far.) Like the ironing board, I seem incapable of mastering this device. There’s still time to conquer this one.

4,000+: Times I’ve mentioned I’m cold. I know I’m annoying, but I’m also cold.

That’s about it so far!

I miss my vegetables and such, but I can rationalize that it’s just a few days of limited options and discomfort–physical and mental. Tonight should be fun and it’s the kick-off for the rest of a very busy weekend, so updates to follow.

So, sorry I’m not commenting–I’m sure my insightful wit is greatly, greatly missed–but there’s not much time for that. Plus, my fingers are frozen, so it makes it hard to type. Try to get along without me.

And now it’s time to get ready and put on my professional game face–and possibly some heels.

9 responses to “Houston quickie by the numbers

  1. Yuck, one of the only good things about Houston is the warm weather. I’m sorry about that. And I can never figure out those damn ironing boards at hotels. I just “steam” my clothes while showering, aka end up looking homeless the entire trip.

  2. Good luck with your events. I know how stressful those can be. I have to ‘plan’ a couple of them a year and fly out. I haaate flying. Orchestrating the food, presenters, presentations, rooms, A/V, etc can be so very taxing on the nerves. It’s also hard to be social, when you’re not a social person at all. You’ll do fine though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yea, it is actually colder in Texas than it is in Colorado right now. The reason that it feels so cold in Texas is the humudity. Especially in Houston. The humidity makes it feel so much colder! I hope you have some fun in Houston. If that is an actual possibility.

  4. I also hate the cold–it’s been freezing here and I cannot standddd itttt!!

  5. 1oo: number of times ive told you to come to LA! its 77 and sunny…..enough said.

    2: number of baseball games Ive attended

    0: number of baseball games I understood

    1: pair of heels I own

    1: total hours I’ve worn them

  6. Abby! Sorry…I’ve been a bit MIA with the move and all, and I didn’t know you were traveling! Sending good thoughts NOW. Sorry so cold…I hear ya. Its the coldest so far this season in MN, they had to cancel schools yesterday. I keep hot beverages in hand at all time, which means lots of chamomile. Yum.

    Take it easy, enjoy?? And yuck Potbelly is always disappointing…in my experience.

  7. 1: shoe I threw at the window after opening the blinds and seeing *more* falling in the snow

    4: beers I had at happy hour last night

    9: times I’ve regretted those four beers so far today

    I hope it warms up there, at least enough for you to use your finger. Have as much fun as you can ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hey!! You’re in my town!! I’m sorry we couldn’t provide you with warm weather, but that usually comes with a lot of rain so I think you’ll be better off this weekend. Will you be super busy? I can show you around or take you somewhere to get your greens if you get that chance! I live downtown so literally about 5 minutes from all those places you mentioned. Send me an email ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Kath (Eating for Living)

    Gah, that limitations when being on a journey and away from your usual supplies! I always wish I could enjoy travelling more, but there’s too much thinking about how and where to get some food that works for me. Good to know that Uncle June is there with you! He’s so small, but the importance of him being with you is in no relation to his actuall shortness of figure. I believe he’s a giant and a hero by heart.

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