Must be nice

How did you choose to read that phrase? Talk amongst yourselves. We’ll come back to that.

I once again gained a little bit of insight from my senior friends this week.

Although I’m convinced that he was aiming at Chet’s bad foot, Leon dropped his fork. More than once. Considering I was the only one in the vicinity not sitting on wheels, I walked over and picked up his fork each time. He thanked me. Chet mumbled, “Hmph. Must be nice,” implying that Leon was somehow being indulged in a service not offered to Chet.

*It should be noted that he did not test this theory by throwing his spoon, and for that we all were most grateful. What we were not grateful for was Ray’s declaration of independence from bladder control. More than once.

Anyway, as I wheeled Gram to her room, we passed a woman putting lotion on her mother’s aging hands. Gram scoffed and said, “Hmph. Must be nice.” Despite the fact that she gets regular manicures and more daily attention than most royal queens, good ol’ Mary was still “hmphing” about the luxuries afforded to those around her, those things she was obviously being intentionally deprived of.

While I understand the nature of their complaints is related most closely to boredom, they’re not the only ones who think they have it rough, or at least rougher than somebody else.

I’ll admit I fall prey to the “it must be nice” mentality at times. After all, it must be nice to be on vacation while I’m stuck at work. It must be nice to grow up in a family of wealth. It must be nice to not have to worry about this or get distracted by that.

Hmph, indeed.

But in all actuality, it does me no good. In my world—and evidently in the geriatric community of Chet, Leon and Mary—resentment gets me no closer to a vacation, inheriting wealth or being relieved of my burdens, all most likely relative in nature (no pun intended.)

The moral of the story is that you can be better or you can be bitter. Instead of resentment, appreciate the fact that you might just have a multitude of things that cause the less enlightened to “hmph” that “it must be nice” to be you.

Because while “it” must be nice to have those things I never seem to have, “I” must be nice and appreciate that most often, I already do.

How will you choose to read that phrase? Talk amongst yourselves.

7 responses to “Must be nice

  1. I like this. It sort of describes the conflict I have in my head.

    On one hand I’m so happy I’m moving…getting what others have that I want which is to live near the mountains. Leaving for a uncertain (at first), but more adventurous life. Doing it while we’re young, have more fun, trails, mountains, EVERYTHING there we love!

    But on the other than though, I feel I should be happy with what I have, but we are bored to DEATH. I’m SO fortunate to have all the things I do that many would ‘hmph’ about my decision about leaving. Hell my mom has already hmph’d me about it. She thinks I’m crazy for leaving such a great job, custom house, awesome schools, etc. We really do have it made right now, which makes it hard for us to leave.

    It’s not that I don’t appreciate what I have. I wholeheartedly do. But we know what we want. I look at those less fortunate that would do anything to be where we are now and ‘bored’ and stuff. I mean, will I somehow regret leaving this??? Since we’ve already made our minds up, I try not to think of the what if’s so much, but it’s hard.

    Aghhhhhhh!!!! I’ll stop there, I’m making my own head spin.

    • I think your situation is totally different. You ARE going after what you want and not just complaining about everyone else that takes action. Those that say “it must be nice” are the ones that won’t take that leap. I’m already excited for you guys (as you know) and never thought it was a matter of not appreciating what you have. You do, and you appreciate what you can have in the future–a new adventure, new surroundings and new memories. Very cool 🙂

      P.S. Every time I see the word “hmph” I read it as “hump,” which totally changes the context.

      • Thank you for your support–I can’t help but feel like a policitian when I say that–but I mean it. You are so encouraging! And believe it or not, you do make me feel better.

        Oh and today my husband has been showing me some cabin-type houses. I think he knows my ‘motivation tank’ needs replenishing every once in a while due to stuff like my comment earlier. He’s even give me how many miles they are from king soopers in the area…bwahahaha. Thats what 10+ years together does I guess. He ain’t goin no where. 😉

        I usually spell hmph… ‘hmmp’…which probably equally reminds you of ‘hump’.

    • Just want to say ‘ditto’ to your comment. I’m riding in the same boat these days…my mom and yours would get along smashingly!

  2. i said it with sarcasm meets mom lecturing me. not sure what that means. but, you’re totally right. i often find myself during the day envying people who have it “better than me” but i often forget sometimes i’m the person being envied. plus, like you said its better to be better than bitter. i’m working on it 🙂

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