Word to Your Mother

Although my mom often advised me NOT to go with the crowd (unless they were going somewhere cool), I am going to join the rest of the world in wishing my mom a Happy Mother’s Dayelectronically and through food.


Two generations of trouble and a whole lot of love.

I’ve written about my mom on here before, so if you are late to the game, please take a minute to read it. I’ve also written about my grandma numerous times, so if you are late to the game, she’ll probably kick your ass.

At any rate, my mom doesn’t want to do anything today but relax in the sunshine, watch the game and enjoy some beer and cupcakes. More people should go with that crowd.


Word to my mother, indeed.

8 responses to “Word to Your Mother

  1. Wish Gram and your mom a happy mothers day from me, even if they don’t know who I am. Just give them an extra hug (not kiss, I know you dont like those) for me.


  2. My brother is taking the family out to a mexican burrito place for.. brunch. at 10 am.
    My mom seems cool with it.

  3. Please wish your Mom & Grandma a Happy Mother’s Day for me!!! I really have to go see both of them. I miss hanging out with my awesome Aunt Kathy!

    Love you!

  4. Your mom looks so young and vibrant- I was so shocked to read your poem on her health issues (I’m still not sure what surgeries she had but you can enlighten me via email if you want to).

    My Mom used to HATE going to mother’s day brunches at restaurant with 50000 other mothers/kids/buffets, ugh. So we always celebrated either the weekend before or after- MUCH better! Your mom is smart. And Gma is tough. You come from good stock.

  5. Happy Moms Day all the way around.

  6. loved that poem/post abby. and cute pic of the moms.

  7. Your mom and gram would fit in very well with our family. Keep it simple, right?

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