Summer Rhyme Time

Today’s post is the result of what happens when it’s 96 degrees outside and I don’t have air conditioning. It is also a combined effort of a prompt from Studio 30 Plus—Summer Days—and the Red Dress Club—something you memorized or remember from childhood.

Mine involves a hook man and a pot selling ice cream truck. Go figure.

Anyway, it’s a two-for-one prompt special today. Next time I will try and compose something more coherent and less heat-stroke induced. Now without further ado (ahem–clearing throat here,) begin!

Long gone are the mornings spent scraping off snow,

wearing our hats and gloves each place we go.

Flip-flops (or no shoes) replace our big boots,

and out come the T-shirts and bright bathing suits.

But when I was a kid summer meant a bit more,

you never quite new what fun could be in store.

No school to attend and no homework to do,

or boring assemblies left to sit through. 

Instead I would sit on my bike or the swings,

falling in rosebushes, icing bruised things.

Wiffle ball games were held back in the grass,

so that it would hurt less to slide on your ass.

The arguments came with about every play,

as someone who sucked at the game would then say:

“I so wasn’t out, you can all go to hell,

get off of my property before I tell.”

Running through sprinklers and stepping on bees,

Skateboarding fearlessly, skinning our knees.

The trampoline served as a real launching point,

as we “popcorned” each other right out of the joint.

Over the fence they would fly with great height,

setting new records for seconds in flight.

Slip and splash basically served as a way

to quickly maim someone through innocent play.


A water-slicked tarp leading straight down a hill?

A highway to taking one hell of a spill.

Trucks all pimped out with some music and lights,

would sell us kids all kinds of frozen delights.

(Looking back now I think most of those rides

were really a front to sell pot on the side.)

At any rate, we ate treats in a cone,

and our parents bought brownies and left us alone.

We always would find that one friend with a pool,

(the one that we never hung out with at school.)

Camping’s been talked about here once before,

but it’s simply a summer thing I can’t ignore.

For I still remember the fear and the fright,

when told of the Hook Man each hot summer night.


Thanks to the moron who told me that bit,

I was waiting for serial killers to hit.

(Another reason I don’t like camping.)

Anyway, now that I’m older and work every day,

this “job” that I speak of just gets in the way.

Work on my tan is replaced with real stuff,

like deadlines and editing drafts that are rough.

But things balance things out with the sunshine and heat,

flowers in bloom and the market with treats.

My skin glows with color and freckles appear,

that normally hide for the rest of the year.

The smell of a charcoal grill still can’t be beat,

even though I’m not into consumption of meat.

Things can get steamy, uncomfortably so,

but at least I’m not shoveling three feet of snow.

So while things are different for whatever reason,

summer is still quite a wonderful season.

I might not get weeks off but with any luck,

I soon will cross paths with that great ice cream truck,

(For ice cream, of course.)

Humor me—summer memories from childhood?

18 responses to “Summer Rhyme Time

  1. Oh man dig the wiffle ball/sliding on your ass scheme

    this was really good Abby….you do have issues…good ones

  2. Popcorned each other – I’ll have to remember that one. lol
    Over from Studio 30+
    Funny – I did mine as a poem as well – going up tomorrow 🙂

  3. Nice transition between the Hook Man and the summer treats! Impressive. Not just anyone could pull that off.

  4. I loved this! I totally feel you about the smell of BBQ. I feel like a less than stellar vegetarian when the grill is fired up because even though I don’t eat the meat – I kind of ADORE the smell.

  5. That makes me REALLY interested in why my Sister would always be down for a trip to the the FarmStore for ice cream and she would always get the handmade saran wrapped baked goods for herself….hmmm….could it be?

  6. You’re f-ing hilarious
    I love your sweet rhyme
    You should probably visit me
    And hang out sometime.
    I’ll make you good food
    And you’ll make me laugh
    And if I buy one of those double popsicles from an ice cream truck…
    I’d totally give you half.

  7. Slip and Slide! Hell ya! I’m so glad it’s still getting face time, but I remember as a child going over a rock or two. Did you say no air con 96f? Is that right? I think I would melt into oblivion.. I can’t stand Asian HUMID weather, but it should be dry but hot, at least till typhoon season comes in September.

  8. You should get heat stroke more. Awesomeness.
    My 6yo just got a DOUBLE Slip & Slide as a bday gift, and I fear it is something that may main both him and his sister simultaneously.

  9. We didn’t have a Slip and Slide so we just jumped in the sprinkler in our underwear. I was, like, ten.

  10. I love summertime! For me it meant tons of time in our (above ground) pool, lots of superman ice cream (yikes) and less time worrying about gymnastics competitions (nothing in the summer!). And, my favorite thing: being barefoot. I’m not sure why, but I’ve never been a fan of socks and shoes.

    Your ice cream man sounds awesome.

  11. that was fantastic, you always Bring the funny and I dig that about you ! 🙂

  12. Loved the slip & slide! And your garden is purrrrrty!

  13. Making sense doesn’t matter so much as making laughter. And I did, right out loud. Fun read!

  14. This was great! I’ve been out of the country so have missed the terrible heat. I love the summer. You did forget to mention the bugs.

  15. I loved that!!! My hormones are in an uproar (as they slowly ebb away for good) and, therefore, that made me sob down here where I can smell summer through the screen.

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