Tweet, Tweet

Well, I caved.

I must confess that you can now count me among the more than 200 million people that attempt to communicate, amuse and enlighten in less than 140 characters.

And because that sentence is longer than 140 characters and I’m suffering from Motivation and Inspiration Deficit Disorder (MIDD) — it’s a real thing if I say it is — I decided to write up a post.

My name is Abby, and I joined Twitter.

Considering I’m years behind the popularity curve on this one, I realize it’s not a big deal. However, for me, it kind of is if only because I was so adamant about not joining Twitter for so long. Plus, I like to overanalzye things and figured this was another one to pick a part and find a deeper meaning for.

So why the Twitter timidity?

For a while I maintained that I had better things to do with my time, which after a day on Twitter I still think is probably the case (but it’s fun!)

Anyway, I didn’t see the point in spending any more energy on something else that would distract my already distracted thoughts from the important things I should be doing (like catching up on Kitchen Nightmares and protecting my flowers and fountain from crazy chain smoking neighbor lady and her flammable cocktails.)

She swears they’re thriving because she chants over them with her morning coffee.

So when everyone told me it was a great way to connect with people, I countered with the fact that I was already on Facebook. When they told me it was a great way to meet new people and find new opportunities, I countered with the fact that I was already on Facebook. You can see where I was going with my argument…apparently to Facebook.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the main reason I wasn’t jumping on this bandwagon was because I already felt left behind. I felt like I missed the boat and treading water was easier than dipping my toe in the deep end. Plus, I really had (have) no idea how it works in terms of making the most of the features.

However, the more that I read things about it from people I trust and respect — enter more overanalysis — the more I realized that it really could be beneficial and not just another time suck to distract me from the fact that I’m creatively constipated.

So I’m taking my own advice again and only posting on my blog when I feel inspired—once a day or once a week—and Twitter looks like a great way to still satisfy the attention whore in me by sharing a few witty lines and reading the great links from others.

To be honest, I really like it.

Considering it’s only been a day, it’s safe to say I’m still in the honeymoon stages of our relationship. I haven’t been annoyed with metaphorical toilet seats left up or dirty dishes brought right next to the sink but not actually placed in the water. While I only have a few followers and still feel like the kid that joins the class in the middle of the year and is three steps way behind, I am feeling my way through and trying to figure out how to make the most of this new medium.

I don’t plan on following a million people — I don’t need any more obligations and actually like writing and breathing outdoor oxygen — but if it can connect me to more people that make my life a little richer, a little more inspired and my blog a little better, then it will be worth my time.

If it’s not, no big deal.

But I can be pretty damn funny, and with only 140 characters I have no obligation to explain myself.

Tweet, tweet.

Any Twitter suggestions or things I should know about?

38 responses to “Tweet, Tweet

  1. I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Sometimes it’s like a necessary evil, and other times I have so much fun with it. Just remember to try not to let it get to you- like when someone ignores a Tweet or doesn’t follow you back.

  2. Was it hard to figure out? Not in normal-person terms but in “I walked into a glass door because I thought it was the backyard” terms.

    What the eff IS a hash tag?

    I’m not on Twitter so I can’t speak to its awesomeness or not, but I hope you have fun with it!

    • I have no clue what the heck I’m doing, but it seems to be easy enough. Considering it’s all new to me, I have to make sure I’m not the girl that annoys everyone with Twitter litter or whatever they call it. Considering I have no idea why the picture in this post looks the way it does, I don’t hold out much hope for my tech skills to improve. However, it’s fun so far and considering I have blog block, it works for now 😉 I might hate it tomorrow.

      • I clicked on your link and apparently I can stalk you without actually joining. SO I’m going to be creepy and do that, just letting you know.

        I have to say, you are tempting me to join since it seems like a good outlet for those little quotable moments that none of my “real” friends want to hear! lol

        • Do it! I’m pretty much just listening to myself talk without having Facebook people leave stupid annoying serious replies to funny status updates.

  3. Ha! An addict already!

  4. I love it as a sort of ‘stream of consciousness’ place where I can put things I feel like expressing to a controlled audience (I keep my account on Private) but don’t want on Facebook and don’t warrant a real blog post. I love your sense of humor and your insights, glad you decided to join up and share more!

    I’m Cammy4B, btw, just added you!

  5. Ha-HA! (and welcome). 🙂

    I’ve definitely found Twitter to be a more “productive” (ironic use of term applied to social media) use of my time than FB–my FB followers haven’t grown nearly as fast as my Twitterers, and the Twitterers are a ton more responsive. Plus I think there’s a lot more opportunity for networking on Twitter via retweets, @mentions, etc.

    But don’t ask me how the hell you figure which hashtags might apply to your tweets. There are a gazillion and I never know how to look up any of them, or if I can just make up my own (i.e. #notsurewhattohashtagthis).

    Glad to have you in the Twitterverse!

    • Yeah, the hashtag thing is weird so I just made a couple up to look cool. It’s a bit too much effort for me to figure out right now 😉 We’ll see how things play out as I’m not too worried about followers there or Facebook, but I like “meeting” new people/writers (and my baseball people, of course) and so far, that’s been great. Plus, it’s only Day 2…

      • Hashtags are whatever you want them to be you can do anything you want: real #dodgers or fun #twittercankissmyass it’s partially so that other people can search for keywords (that’s what the hashtag really is) like if dodger fans want to find other dodger fans. Or a hashtag can just be some smartass thing you made up- to get a point across #twitterandfacebooksittinginatree whatever. Just silliness!

  6. *This is just me doing the happy dance that you joined Twitter*
    No words, just emotions.

  7. Always thank people who have Tweeted one of your blogs. That is major “twittquette-101.” Also, can I recommend Kristin Lamb’s blog (Goggle it!) — she does Twitter Tuesdays and they are so helpful. I have a list of the best hashtags for writers, but I bet you can google that, too.

    Also, always Retweet (RT) after someone has tweeted something fabulous about you.

    Let’s try now.

  8. Like i tweeted to you earlier, you’re the person I think twitter is great for. Im proud you’re there. Your wit will make great twit…see what I did there.

    I like twitter because it’s the perfect place to keep up with sports, music, coemdy, and news. You can read and make quick jokes. It’s also terrific blog promotion. The majority of people on twitter are blog readers and blog writers, Thus they have some depth to them. I realize the irony of that statement.

    I was proud to be your first reply….

    • I am thrilled to be followed by your magnificence, as at least you love baseball marginally as much as I do. Plus, you’re funny as hell. I dig it.

  9. I was pretty late to the party as well. I only joined the Twitterverse last month. Still learning “the rules” and “proper manners.” Like I really needed more stuff to do. Welcome to the party. Cheers.

  10. I made a couple lists. One has only a few friends I connect with throughout the day. Another is a little bigger, then my main list. So if you don’t have lots of time, you can still quickly peek in on who you most want to check in with without wasting an hour scanning links to stuff you have no time to read.
    Welcome to the club, bub.

    • Lists? I have no idea about lists. I need to add it to the list I have of things I need to figure out so I don’t appear like a Twitter twit or something.

  11. I was really late to the Twitter party, too. After I first opened my account, I avoided it like the plague, because frankly, it scared me. Yes, I’m easily scared…why do you ask? But seriously, the hash tags, the @’s, the weird acronyms. I was totally lost and confused. Then I just jumped in and started typing. I still don’t think I do it quite “right,” but maybe there is no right way to tweet (I hope!). And thankfully, it has helped me to connect with some of my bloggy friends in a new way.

    Welcome to the dark side!

  12. Don’t feel bad…. I just finally joined, too! 🙂

  13. At first I shook my head, disappointed. Now I’m the only un-twitter left. But Abby, I can really see how Twitter makes sense for you. You ARE witty, funny, and I always LOL at your FB status quips! For you, this is a good outlet. So for YOU, I’ve switched my stance.

    For me, no tweeting. I can’t keep up with people I already know, I don’t want more friends or connections. I need to spread out LESS and connect more with what already surrounds me. I wear a lot of “hats” I guess, as we all do, but I combine them into one blog. I could have a yoga blog, a recovery blog, a photography blog, a recpie blog, a bitching blog, etc…but I just want to me me WHOLE and not compartmentalized I guess.

    That is some deep shit on why I don’t want to twat. In truth, its probably more like nobody would care and it would take too much effort to learn.

    • I actually agree with you completely in that I do want to connect more with the people that already surround me, but I think Twitter might help me do that. My blog is great for deeper thoughts or random rants with a dash of attempted humor, but FB and Twitter let me kind of vent things out quickly 😉 This isn’t a big deal, I promise. I’m just experimenting and telling myself to quit being such a dork about new things. As for you, I love your blog and wouldn’t change a thing.
      P.S. You said “twat.” I’m giggling…

  14. I went there….and I’m a twitter twit.
    I just.don’t.get it.
    I’m learning it is far easier to feign disdain or that I am too busy than to admit I’m not cool or savvy enough to figure it out.

    • I also feign disdain and admit I’m not savvy enough to really figure it out, but now I just Tweet about it. Kidding…kind of.

  15. You are the perfect Twitterer- you did facebook exactly as you’d do twitter so I never understood why you held out? You were made for Twitter #AbbyandTwitterSittingInATree . You did notice that I broke my FF rule for you. I am not a twitter rule follower. I never, ever follow someone back, just because they follow me. I go to their feed and see if they tickle my fancy. If yes (rare) then I follow them. If undecided, I follow them with the understanding that they’ll be out if they aren’t doing it for me or if they post something that pisses me off. I sound like a Twitter Diva but I have social media ADD and can’t have a crazy long feed or I go fricken nuts. If you want to have a lot of followers and follow a lot of people, do what that person above suggested- have different lists or groups. I decided against that and that my twitter was only going to be the people I really truly want to hear from daily. No A team and B team, just one group that I really and truly value. Whew. Sorry- that was long winded! WElcome though- I’m happy you’re there.

    • Agreed. I in no way, shape or form am going to follow a ton of people. Like you said, I have ADD in general. The last thing I need is another big ol’ feed to follow. It’s for people like you and Eden and some of my writing/sports friends. I never really feel social obligation with anything, so that shouldn’t be a problem 😉 There is only the A-Team with me, whether they like it or not! Thanks for your help and your little rule breaking tactic…

  16. I remember you poo pooed it in our email exchanges. Ha ha, sucka!
    Don’t feel the need to hashtag everything all the time…I dont have a reason but it peeves me. And of course dont #FF cause its kinda lame.

    and dont follow anyone famous, They can be painfully boring.

    • I am going to be anti-hashtag from now on and #FF reminds me of Fat Free, which is generally not something that I’m attracted to. While I am following a couple sports people for the info, I don’t plan on following anyone famous, as I find most of them boring anyway (with a couple exceptions.) I really just want to stalk you a bit more and bombard you with hashtags and suggestions of people to follow…

  17. Welcome to the Twitterverse Abby!

  18. Hmmm….oh, Abby…you didn’t have to be left behind, you could have stayed with me…in the dark ages.
    Now I wonder if I should tweet.
    I would need a cell phone and a 27 hour day.
    Maybe not so much just now…anyway, good luck. It looks like you’ve made it Back to the Present.

    • Are you crazy? My cell phone barely dials out. I will NEVER have the whole Internet on my phone thing. I like being disconnected, so the only online stuff I do is on my computer. (If I had 27 hour days, I would spend the extra three sleeping more and watching baseball, so I’m all about that!)

  19. Abby caved 😦 … Abby caved 😦 … What is this world coming to if even Abby – ABBY! – says tweet tweet like a tweety bird 😦

  20. Oh no! I’ve lost one of my last few anti-tweeting allies…the good news though, is that I can read about your tweeting (mis) adventures and feel like I’m not missing out 🙂

  21. I so do not get twitter- I feel like how my Dad feels about facebook! But my teenage cousins kept telling me ohmygodiliketotallyhavetojoin so I jumped on the bandwagon. Still have no idea what’s going on in twitterville, glad to hear that you’re managing to figure it out and enjoy it 🙂

    • I have no idea either, but then again I have no idea what’s going on in real life as well, so at least I can Tweet about that.

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