You’re a weirdo, but that’s okay

Hey, you.

Yeah, you.

Come in a little closer, closer…


I want to tell you something very important, something I think you should—no, something I think you need to hear.

Are you listening?


I just want to tell you that you’re not alone,

in feeling the way that you do.

You might be a weirdo for dozens of things,

but never for just being you.

I know, I know…

You’re rolling your eyes and sighing out loud,

ready to click of this site.

Letting that guard down is not quite your style,

and talking about it’s not right.

But I bet you’ve had doubt, I bet you’ve had fear,

I bet that you’ve questioned your thinking.

Walking that line between okay and not,

feeling your heavy heart sinking.

Days when you feel like the silence you hear,

from words that the others don’t say,

is a chasm to fill with assumptions and doubts

about how you have failed in some way.

It might help to know that you’re not by yourself,

and that someone else feels that way too,

But maybe they don’t know just what they should say,

as they’re not as open as you.

Most people won’t tell you about all the times,

they feel cheated or hurt or confused.

The might never speak of the ache that they feel

when their confident ego gets bruised.

It’s often believed being strong has to mean,

going alone on that ride.

But a stronger thing still is to make yourself fragile,

and speak of those things that you hide.

I bet there are times when you read through a post

and think, “I feel the same exact way.”

Relief in the knowledge that someone out there

expresses the words you can’t say.

I know this is true as I see it a lot,

in the comments I read here and there.

How someone knocks down any walls that they built

through the words that they’ve chosen to share.

They might feel a vulnerable itch as they write,

not knowing how things will turn out.

But even if one person kind of relates,

it’s enough to erase any doubt. 

The person who gets it might not be the one,

that you talk with in person each day.

It might be a “stranger” from some other state,

that takes time to read things you say.

The distance won’t matter when matched against depth,

and authentic relationships form.

As shedding the layers of doubt that we wear,

reveals there is no baseline or norm.

My point is that often we feel like we’re weird,

and honestly, that’s probably true.

But it’s not for the reasons we probably think,

It’s never for being just you. 

Now feel free to click off this site if you must,

I know that his poem’s kind of lame.

But sometimes you need a swift kick in the ass,

and this weirdo is eager and game.

30 responses to “You’re a weirdo, but that’s okay

  1. This is like getting a really good Hallmark card.

    Ok, that was too sarcastic.

    everythintg you wrote, I agree and return serve to you Chris Evert. Nicely put. fellow weirdo.

  2. Pretty sure I’m going to print this and keep it on my fridge. You’ve given me a new mantra, laydee – “You might be a weirdo for dozens of things, but never for just being you.” You’re like Dr. Seuss for grown-up, crazy people. It’s like a hug for my brain, and is much appreciated, as always.

    I promise I’ll have a post up soon with some actual depth and substance, but I’ve felt like I’m crawling out of my (inside out) skin for the better part of a month, and therefore attempts to actually translate this moneky mind into written word have left me panicked, pissed, and/or spent for the time being. Ergo, stupid crap about my dog and falling-apart car must suffice for now.

    Point being, I promise I do have a brain. It’s just kind of on overdrive right now and laughing at my paltry attempts to tame it. And I am one such stranger who resonates on some level with just about everything you post. So thanks!

    • I’ve come to look forward to your comments when you visit and feel they always have actual depth and substance. Sometimes life gets in the way of forming complete sentences when we need them to sparkle, but remember–no post, no pressure, no big deal. I love your dog and read anything you write, you weirdo.

  3. I dearly want to write a clever poem in return, but I can’t rhyme for shit, so all I can say is: Hi, I’m a weirdo too. Pleased beyond words and rhyme to “meet” you. 🙂

    And Jessica is right: you’re like Dr. Seuss for adult weirdos like us. 🙂

  4. Is one really weird if everyone is weird? Cause I don’t think I know anyone who isn’t weird. I know I’m weird. I’ve typed out weird too many times and now it just looks wrong to me.

    • I do that with words all the time. Yesterday it was “lucky.” After trying to figure out if it was “lucky” or “luckily,” I basically went nuts.

  5. That was great 😉

    I attempted a poem for it – but I got side-tracked. That happens a lot.

  6. I love that response that said you’re like Dr. Seuss for grown ups. Very cool post! You are really hitting them out of the park these days.

  7. everyone should read this, esp people who blog….I can’t tell you how true and heartfelt it was and how “NOT ALONE” I felt reading it 😉

  8. Jessica? “You might be a weirdo for dozens of things, but never for just being you.” You’re like Dr. Seuss for grown-up, crazy people. It’s like a hug for my brain, and is much appreciated, as always.

    THIS is so true!! Someone needs to design you a logo thing-a-ma-jigger with Dr. Suess imagery!

    LOVED this poem. LOVE you. Is it weird that I say I love you?

    • I agree that Jessica’s comment was totally awesome. I need to hire her as my agent to pimp out an adult Dr. Seuss collection.
      And yes, you can love me, and I’ll love you right back.

  9. Abby this is so great. Thank you. This hits home for me this week. I’ve had so many “random” people approach me with compassion, and opening up sharing themselves, and it has been good for me this week. If we could all realize that our “issues” are so much more similar than different…we could make connections and not hide in some false shame of weirdness.

    We’ve all got shit, just pops out in different forms. (Sorry, bad imagery I guess.) Some of it manifests the same as others…we can understand those folks maybe better. But with understanding that the deeper “issues” might be on the same plane, compassion and understanding for all…

    • Exactly. Not everyone is a “weirdo” in the same way and no one can be expected to understand someone else’s issues. But when you find a few people who do and make yourself vulnerable for those connections, it makes all the difference in the world. Remember you can always approach me if you need to chat! 😉

  10. I’m going to print this poem and put it in my desk at work…to pull out and read on days like yesterday, when I really feel like jumping out the window. Abby, you get it, and I’m glad to “know” you. That is all.

    Weirdo Katie

    • I often feel like jumping out the window at work, but it’s a one-floor building. And the window doesn’t open. I think they’ve planned ahead…

  11. Thank you. ‘I feel exactly the same way’. I live my life assuming that sentiment. Sure glad I’m not the only weirdo out there!

  12. The walls that we build we want people to see
    For that weird thing inside isn’t me.

  13. —omg,
    you were talking to me!
    this has been the worst year of my life.
    Earth Shattering….
    And I am weirder than I was before 🙂
    Loved the post.
    stoppin’ over from LBS. xx So glad I did.

  14. Good for you! Weird’s good. Fitting into the norm is desperately boring.

    -The Spinsterlicious Life…and fellow Lady Blogger Tea Partier

  15. Love it! This is the first thing I read of yours – but certainly not the last. I especially liked this line (In regards to blog connections):

    “The distance won’t matter when matched against depth.”

  16. Weird is beautiful. And it’s so true – all it takes is ONE person not thinking we are weird or relating to what we say for us to feel understood. Maybe that’s another reason it’s important to air out our “issues”, to help erase that doubt you mentioned.

  17. This poem is a breath of fresh air. Dare I say, exactly what I needed to hear? I’ve been too easily down on myself lately and while thinking about it and writing about it and sharing it is healing, it sucks. But to be empowered I have to open up. To grown, I have to share. This is exactly why I write – why I blog – to heal myself and to let others know they are not along. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for reminding me and helping me along:)

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