Bust A Move

This is Post Two of the 30 Posts of Shamelessness Challenge—look a fool. 

I’m a skinny Polish white girl that can’t dance well, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still get out on the dance floor and give it all I’ve got.


In fact, if my dancing skills are challenged, I will take that opportunity to jump up on the stage and prove just how right you are as I bust a move and sing a bunch of made-up words that sound right in my head.

I generally just try and imitate whoever else is out there on the dance floor, throwing up my arms or doing some hybrid squat/Beyonce thing that ends up looking like a epileptic call for help, but I have fun.

And I’m always making faces, as I think it really adds to the sexy/dramatic effect, no?

For the record, that picture was taken at a club a couple of years ago.

I was completely sober.

Look a fool?

Done and done.

So, do you think you can dance?

21 responses to “Bust A Move

  1. I dance like a Mormon preacher boy. I like to bust a move every now and then, but within the privacy of my room please.

    That was an epic picture of you. 🙂

  2. Hahahaha

    Im laughing at you not with you.

    Thanks for sharing the picture. You are a heck of sport.

  3. You are brave. I know I don’t have a picture of me dancing sober though. Those two things just don’t go together. I only humiliate myself when I know no one has a camera around…or at least I hope they don’t.


  4. Haha, smooth. I usually don’t dance unless I’m alone, or there’s alcohol involved, or a song comes on that reminds me of a good time. I’ve made many attempts at learning “rhythm”, but apparently that’s not something you can just pick up!

  5. Hammer Time!…Can’t touch this.

  6. Love the face … double love that shirt!

    I have GREAT rhythm but usually, I’m the only one who thinks so!

  7. ummmm I LOVE this picture.
    That is all.

  8. Polish power!!!!! I’m 50% and get a little too excited when I see others share the heritage.

  9. You at least look like you’re making it work!

  10. The facial expression makes all the difference between being a so-so dancer and being really hot. You nailed it!

  11. Sixty, and still hoping to look hot on the dance floor. I promise–you will be too! And why not?

  12. Aside from the photos for the calendar, THAT is my all time fave photo of you.

  13. You are so brave, brave, brave, brave! I’m never sober in those positions.

  14. Oh, I could tell…you can dance.
    Key ingredient is having fun and not giving a fugggg.

  15. I just put my arms around the Hubs neck and hang on for dear life. That picture is classic.

  16. Girl, bust a move! Woot! I do think the facial expressions add to the dancing experience. I’m glad to know someone else feels that way. No, I do not think I can dance. The dancing I have done in my life amounts to dancing in front of a mirror and my cats, who typically flee the room in horror.

  17. Confidence is key. As if I’d know. You will never catch me on the dance floor.

  18. I too make faces when I dance. I just can’t take myself seriously enough to be a good dancer. But I am a very good “interpretive dancer”.

  19. Could it be that maybe you were drunk but too drunk to notice, so you thought you were actually sober? It does happen, you know. I sue anyone who takes my picture when I’m, you know, sober…

  20. You are so brave to admit to that. It’s kind of like the Elaine dance from Seinfeld. Sorry, just had to make the comparison.

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