False Advertising

Anticipation. Cut into an avocado and it was 50 percent pit. Disappointment. I totally know how guys feel when encountering a padded bra.

This post was written for Write on Edge’s Red Writing Hood writing prompt.

This week’s assignment will require the fewest number of words ever: we want you to write a story – your choice of topic – as a tweet.
That’s right. One hundred and forty characters. Not words. Characters.

35 responses to “False Advertising

  1. Hee! Yes, my size As have done that once or twice.

    And is there nothing worse than a produce fail?

  2. I’ll never look at an avocado the same way.

    Hilarious. Dig it.

  3. Ha! Nice. I remember the temptation to try that, and the fear it would be discovered. Then I traded a web site for boobs. I defy you to find someone else who traded a web design for boobs…

    • You traded a web design for boobs? If you’re willing to trade a web design for me to get boobs, I’ll totally make you cookies.

      • Well I figured as long as we were talking about false advertising… it is an unfair trade though. His web site will never be sitting at a nice dinner some day when all of a sudden half of it deflates.

  4. This made me laugh, and that is always, always a good thing 🙂

  5. LOL! awesome! 🙂 great job!

  6. yep that made me laugh this morning and that;s a good thing.

  7. oh I adore you so much, for words like this…love, love, love 🙂
    (and giggle, I will giggle all day!)

  8. Awesome! I’ve been there. With an avocado, not a padded .. ah, well. Happy Friday!

  9. HAHAHA! Oh, man. False advertising indeed. Now anytime I look at an avocado I’m sure to see boobs…it’ll make produce shopping that much more exciting!

  10. Hee! Oh the genius that is you. *Love!*

  11. He, he, he…One reason to never wear a V.S. bombshell bra on a date.

  12. What a comparison! I would have never thought to compare the two but it’s so true!

  13. This is too funny! I’ll never look at an avocado the same way again.

  14. *snort* ahem. that.was.great. made me think of my 3/4 full cocoa carmella from the coffee shop that cost me $5 😉 I will think of this padded bra analogy every time I see an avocado now, I’m sure!

  15. Heehee! Brilliant.

  16. clever prompt!
    I’ve cut down my blog reading so much cause I think I’m just too impatient to read long blog posts that are over 140 characters. Yes, I used to hate Twitter and now its completely ruined my attention span!

    You know what else is horrible false advertising? Those carrots that taste like….nothing! Do you know what I’m talking about? Most carrots taste like, well, carrots. But I swear there are some that when you bit into them, taste like absolute nothing! I don’t know if its cause their old or whatever. Ok, maybe I just need to stop over-analyzing food.

  17. hahaha. clever and cute. I imagine my guy friends are always thinking this about bras. lol.

  18. LOVE this! So witty, delivered in such a charming way! This post is brilliant!!! The most well-writeen ‘tweet’ if I ever see one!

  19. *snort* hahaha Hmm.. Maybe they feel that way when they encounter one that’s really supportive, too. Nothing worse than taking it off and suddenly feeling as though he’s fondling her belly button.

  20. Love your sarcastic wit. Your words have the same impact as a stand-up comedian’s delivery.

  21. THAT is hilarious and so cute. And yeah, I can only imagine many a guy has been disappointed… 😉

  22. I laughed out loud! I love it. Wait. I wear those…

  23. As a woman who can still buy ‘junior’ bras I was never happy about the situation but I owned it for that exact reason. I thought it would be so much more embarrassing (if the time came for unveiling) to be a fraud.

  24. This one is my favorite! Loved it.

  25. Funny because it’s true. It’s so hard to get good…avocados.

  26. I read this on Twitter, and actually laughed out loud. Clever, insightful, it tickled me. because I love and adore avocados, and have had that let-down. Fantabulous, dahling.

  27. Haha! Never would have equated an avocado with a padded bra, but you certainly have a point. Thanks for the laugh out loud! :>

  28. Well, it could be worse: http://www.underneath.com/shopstyle/mens-shapewear.htm
    P.S. Of course I don’t wear them.

  29. I need to hear more about this gnome…F those kids, I think your little red hatted guy has some serious potential.

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