You Make Me Less Grinchy

Disclaimer: A long post, but it’s worth it for Round One of donation drop-off!

Let’s get one thing straight—I’m not a Grinch, but I’m already over the holidays.


It’s not because of stress or travel or even the fact that Mariah Carey has been telling me that “all she wants for Christmas is me” for the past month — sorry Mimi, you’re SOL—but because I hate when schedules get all messed up.

While I get a three-day weekend following the holiday, a whole bunch of people get weeks off at a time, meaning that a) it makes it near impossible for me to get any work done with no one else actually working b) I have to hear people talk about how they get weeks off at a time and c) the normal “schedule” of blogging for most is messed up,  as is that of TV shows.

I feel like anything I put up here probably won’t be read, as everyone else is blotto on their couch watching Kathie Lee and Hoda drink mimosas. Plus, everyone’s in “peace on Earth” mode, so anything snarky is dismissed as Grinchy and unseasonal.

In other words, it’s all about me.

But aside from craving attention, hating traffic and the fact I have to wait 30 minutes in line at the store to buy bananas, the reason I look forward to the New Year coming and going basically boils down to Top 10 lists and resolutions.

I do not participate in either.

But the next week will be filled with compilations of the “Top Celebrity Breakups,” “Top Recipes of 2011” and “Top Top 10 Lists of 2011” in addition to countless status updates, tweets and conversations revolving around how someone is going to change their life this year if only because they publically declare that they are.


Spoiler alert: Top 10 lists are simply a springboard for debate because no one really remembers what happened the first three months of the year. Why? Because they were too busy beating themselves up over the fact that their New Year’s resolution only lasted two weeks.

While I agree that a new year is a great time to make new goals, for me, resolutions are things that can and should be made on a daily basis, not in grandiose fashion one time a year. As cheesy as it sounds, my resolution every day is to be a better person and take the next healthy step forward—physically and emotionally—to reach that goal.

Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, I will continue to work towards my ultimate goal of becoming independently wealthy so I can live on an island where I work on my exotic container gardens while tirelessly devoting myself to perfecting the slow motion “Baywatch” jog.


So I guess I just want things to get back to a level of relative normalcy, but in the meantime, I do resolve to enjoy the season for what it’s worth.

The Non-Grinchy Stuff

And one way I am enjoying the season is by distributing Round One of the gifts for the Humane Society of West Michigan with the profits from books sales thus far. When I donate somewhere, I like to know exactly where my money is going. It’s not that I don’t trust people, but I feel more productive if I can see what it’s spent on.

The past few years our donations have included a memorial tribute tree, 50 scratching posts, an elevated Kuranda dog bed for the kennels, an engraved tribute tag, etc. and a big plastic pool filled with a bunch of items from their wish list.

This year I decided to go that route once again so you could see what some of the money was directly spent on—the animals, and nothing but the animals.


Behold Round One of the gifts!

Along with this truck full of goodness, the purchase of my book also helped pay for another Kuranda dog bed for the kennels. If you could see how they love these things, your heart would melt.

So despite this long ramble, I really am speechless at your support and generosity so far. This is in no way the end of my efforts, and I know it’s annoying when I bug you and tell you to tell a friend or help spread the word, but it’s so greatly appreciated.

Although I’m not sure how yet, I will continue to try and find other ways to market this thing and keep it going as long as I can.  But for now—with Round One purchased and delivered—I thank you from the bottom of my little Grinchy heart.

Stink. Stank. Stonk.

34 responses to “You Make Me Less Grinchy

  1. I hate being asked what my new year’s resolution is. It’s like being asked what I’m giving up for Lent – NOTHING, now leave me alone!

    Can we get pictures of the doggies with the toys?? Please??

  2. I’m loving your book and loving seeing all the goodies that will go to brighten the lives of animals. Ha! Some sorry-ass Grinch you turned out to be. 😉

  3. perfect

    I’m preparing something for next week that will talk about resolutions, looking forward, and just being a better person. I have goals for the next few weeks and months but saying they’re for the year is foolish, since work, my kids, my wife, and my schedule will change.

    I like how snarky and funny you are but then you let me see your heart. we are entirely too much alike. I think geography is a good thing. If you, Amy, Kim, and I lived in the same place something would blow up.

    Thanks for letting me know you this year

    • Agreed. But think of how much fun we would have! Intelligent conversation, laughs, music, general anxious writer dialogue followed by sports commentary and numerous tweets about it all! At any rate, I am lucky to have met you this year. Bigger and better for 2012.

  4. This is so exciting. I think it’s so terrific that you are doing this. You are generating some really good karma along with happy pets. Totally agree with you on the blog and work front. People are AWOL. And, even if they are at work, they probably aren’t mentally at work. I’ve been so behind on reading everyone’s blogs. I’m feeling the holiday crush.

  5. If it helps at all, I will be here reading what you post every time you post. I’m retired and have no schedule; I also have no money, so I have no choice but to be here at my computer!

    • My job has me stuck on the computer all day, yet I have no money, so we’re kind of in the same boat. 🙂 We’ll both just keep writing and reading. Deal?

  6. Good for you with your donations to the Humane Society. Animals deserve a Happy Holiday too.

  7. Thanks for the update on the gifts that other people helped to buy! (I’m sorry – ridic budget over here, know you get it… I’m working on it).

    Also – kinda loved this rambling post that pretty much sums up this time of year. Oh, and I also just have to take a break from xmas to new years. Sorry, yo. I need it.

  8. Melanie The Spork Lover

    Love the pet treat buckets.

    And I’m with you on the resolution thing. I make weekly goals like, “Try not to be a smartass to anyone at work” or, “Have a vegan day.” It makes me feel more accomplished and good about myself. Of course, the not being a smartass to anyone at work is rarely achieved.

  9. It honestly made me tear up when I clicked on that link and saw the pictures of the animals on the dog beds. 😦 They use those at the local rescue shelter that I volunteer at, and I love them. Especially when puppies piss all over the floor…not even the puppies deserve to lay in that!

    You’re the best.

    • No Wob, YOU’RE the best and I miss you. Anyway, I thought you might recognize the beds. They’re amazing. We were there today and it reminded me once again how amazing they are!

  10. If I read all your Holiday Season posts, do I get to come live on your island?

  11. now i know this doesn’t make it any better but i so agree w/ everything you said – everything. and could add more i.e. the commercialism, over indulgence, over spending etc. but don’t get me started. i am so ready to get to jan though actually march so we can “skip” the hallmark hoilday of V’day. i too will be at work and do know that if you do post anything it will be read by at least me. i do applaud your efforts to raise $$ for the animals (bought a copy of your book) – keep up the good work. hang in there and take care.

  12. First of all: I had to laugh because as soon as I came to this post, I realized we both just blogged about Christmas, and we both had a Mariah Carey reference. Do we get double points for that or what? (I don’t know what kind of “points”, but I still want twice as many.)

    I’m also ready for Christmas to be over, plus I generally enjoy January because some of that “new year, new opportunities” crap always rubs off on me a little bit. But that’s because I looooove fresh starts in general. So I look forward to that.

    Lastly, what you are doing with the book is incredible. I love that you are helping animals and that there’s a “greater cause” to your work. All the stuff looks amazing! I had a chance at work today to read the last couple of chapters in the book, and it’s like, every page I turn, I just keep thinking you can’t get any more talented, and then I’m a liar because the next one is better. I LOVED the poem you wrote about your mom & scars. SO beautiful. Keep writing, woman, the animals (and all of us with two legs!) are lucky that you’re doing it.

    • Mariah Carey is slipped into every subliminal message this time of year, but I think we’re really just both amazingly astute and knew an inclusion in our post would prove just that. Or something like that…
      Anyway, thank you. I feel like lately I’m writing too much and annoying everyone, but we can pretty much count on a dry spell soon enough. For now, I’ll keep at it if you promise to do the same (minus the Mariah reference going forward.)

  13. Love you, love the book, and love love this post…. not grinchy at all!!!!

  14. I’m the grinch by default. Im a Jew.
    I wish I had some popularity on the Internet to help pimp out your book. Alas, I’m not cool enough.
    And I think you made it to my top 10 favorite people. Ok its more like top 5 cause the other five are animals.

  15. Oh yes, I hate how the holidays mess with my television & blogging schedule too. And you are totally-super-awesome for making those donations to the Humane Society.

  16. Overall I like the holidays, but I do get grinchy about the traffic, higher stress levels of others (chill out!), and hearing the same stuff over and over from people, magazines, the radio – everywhere. I feel like nothing new happens in the last two weeks of the year. It’s like time stops!

    Umm, you are much more entertaining than Kathie Lee. I will certainly be reading!

    And I’m so happy your book sales have been a success!

  17. the holidays are highly overrated, and really bring out the worst in people. does that sound too grinchy, i love that green little guy!

  18. I love, love, love that you were able (and did!) to make such a wonderful donation to your cause of choice. I agree with you on wanting to know exactly where your money was spent when donated, which is why I choose to donate to smaller, local organizations as well.

    As for the goals and resolutions, I make one or two big ones at New Year’s and then make new/improved/revised ones weekly. At least I can say I’ve stuck with my New Years resolutions the past few years!

  19. Firstly:

    “As cheesy as it sounds, my resolution every day is to be a better person and take the next healthy step forward—physically and emotionally—to reach that goal”.

    Amen, soul sister.


    People like you are hard to come by, so thank you, for the work you’re doing. I checked out the link for the dog and cat beds and my heart hurt – I imagined them all lying on them, huddled up and wanting to be loved, and then I Googled the Humane Society webiste and immediately saw a cat with no eyes and a cockeral that had been saved from fighting and then I started looking at the UK equivelant of the Humane Society and in my head adopted like 300 animals until I realised that I live in a teeny tiny flat with a cat that needs A LOT of attention and figured it probably is for the best that I leave the charity stuff to you and apparently I don’t like using grammar today. So, all in all, I’ll just buy a billion copies of your book instead, and do my ‘bit’ to save some American animals.

    The end.

  20. I’m a Grinch too. I don’t do resolutions, I hate Christmas music (really people? you really like this jingle jangle mess?), gift giving is just weird after a certain age and I’m single so no one is giving me gifts anyway.

    I love what you’re doing with the animal shelters. I volunteer at a shelter so I know how much all of this is needed. You rock!

  21. I just want to say Happy Holidays to all of the bloggers out there that have supported each other and bring joy and at that same time,real-life stuff to the convo every day. Bless all of you and your lovies and good health and happiness in the New Year.

  22. What you are doing is SO amazing! I finished my last final today (technically still have a paper to write but we’ll pretend that doesn’t exist) so I just downloaded your book to my Kindle. I can’t wait to start reading =)

  23. Happy to be a part of this. Thanks for showing us what you did!

  24. I just stopped by from BPOTW. You make many valid point. Last year we told our grown children that we were not doing Christmas. And we left town. It was great! But we did the traditional this year and I’m very tired. I love the Humane Society donations. Great!

  25. I make resolutions very regularly. Everytime I get an inspiration to improve my lifestyle, I make a lil’ resolution to implement it. And I tend to write it down. because I like writting things down.
    Also, everytime my life spirals out of control, when I pick up the pieces I make some resoutions to prevent reoccurence.
    I do tend to set goals for a year. Mostly because I take a relaxation vacation over the holidays and have lots of time to reflect and think about something I want to change. 2010 I set the goal to learn how to cook. And I was very public about it. Which resulted in receiving a lot of very helpful cook books as gifts. Success!
    I actually forget what my goal was for 2011. . . It’s written down somewhere, I think it had to do with food again. . . I’m very food motivated 😉

    and… YAY KITTENS! I love that you didn’t just donate money, but got the things they need.

    And I don’t mind telling you that I’ve been savouring the book, only reading a couple entries before bed, and I’m kind of stressing out that I will be finished it before my flight home tomorrow. SO FUNNY.

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