I Basically Invented Pinterest

I’m not one who thinks everything I don’t understand or like is stupid (with the exception of “Jersey Shore” and low-fat peanut butter. No reason for these things, people.)

However, I’m so sick of hearing about Pinterest that the only thing I want to do with pins is poke them in my eyes so I don’t have to read about how much everyone loves Pinterest.


There are a couple reasons as to why this is, but the most important one is that I was the ORIGINAL creator of “pinning” things. Have I received any of the credit?

The answer to that would be, “no.”

First, a little background.

If you’re unfamiliar, Pinterest is the latest social media craze that “lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.”

Apparently the mission is to connect everyone in the world through the “things” they find interesting, seeing as Facebook, Twitter, email and actual social interaction with other human beings was insufficient to fill that need.

Pinterest- Funny_

Everywhere you go on the Internet someone is talking about Pinterest, mostly in reference to how much time they’re spending/wasting on Pinterest. These same people talk about how busy they are, but yet spend hours “pinning” things they won’t have the time to create because they’re too busy “pinning” things.

But to be fair, I suppose that I understand the appeal.

You virtually rip pictures out and put them on your boards for “inspiration” without actually having to talk to anyone else in the process. In theory, the fact that you don’t have to interact with or “friend” people sounds perfect for me, except I’m not into lifestyle things, crafting, home decorating, inspiration or spending any more time on the computer looking for things I don’t need.

Considering a falling paper clip distracts my attention, the last thing I need is another diversion.

Primitive Pinterest

But as I mentioned, the real reason I’m over Pinterest is that I was the ORIGINAL “pinner” when I was younger and haven’t received a cut of the profits now that this craze has caught on.

Back in the day when computers were as large as an industrial refrigerator, I had a huge bulletin board in my room that I took pride in filling with things that reflected whoever I was on that day—a little bit athlete, a little bit artist, a lot more weirdo—or what I thought would look cool to my friends.

So I would scour magazines for pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and Mariah Carey, inspirational quotes and just weird things I could pin next to personal photos that perfectly captured my awkwardness and ribbons and medals from horse shows and swim meets.

I understood these to be the most creative collages ever.

It was my own primitive Pinterest.

Now there are no glue or color-coordinated push pins required, no danger of paper cuts and no need to piece together random letters to create quotes that end up looking more like white trash ransom notes. Just a click of the mouse and your “pinning” power is revealed.


Just like I was ahead of my time when it came to wearing workout pants and no makeup in public—the kids call it “casual chic” now, right?—it appears this is the case once again. I was pinning sayings I wasn’t clever enough to think of and photos I wish I had taken decades before this “Pinterest” thing.

But do I get the credit?

No, because someone else went ahead and actually beat me to it (which I admit wasn’t hard to do seeing as I wasn’t actually trying.) But still…hrmph.

Pin me, “Bitter. Party of one.”

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29 responses to “I Basically Invented Pinterest

  1. Abby, I know just how you feel. I feel the same way about fantasy baseball & football leagues — which I was coordinating with my friends since I was 8 years old. With no credit!! lol.

  2. “except I’m not into lifestyle things, crafting, home decorating, inspiration or spending any more time on the computer looking for things I don’t need.”


    I did open a Pintrest account, but quickly decided I really don’t have time for that nonsense.

  3. I pinned as well as a kid. Then I’d “pin” things into notebooks.
    Which, I guess, is why I enjoy Pinterest so much now…because it’s what I’ve always done but with less clutter and I never have to find tape/pins.

  4. In the same vein, I invented the whirlpool tub when I was little. But my kind of..ahem.. jet propulsed water was never patented. I coulda been a contender! What?

  5. StoriesAndSweetPotatoes

    Seriously, I had my entire door covered in Deep Thought quotes from SNL and an entire wall in rainbow magazine cutouts. This new pinning might be more acceptable to parents as it involves much less tape, but it’s far less creative or satisfying to do.
    “Just like I was ahead of my time when it came to wearing workout pants and no makeup in public—the kids call it “casual chic” now, right?” – I’m with you on this one. I wore swishy exercise pants and a hoodie every day of my school career while all those suckers were still squeezing themselves into jeans. Ew.

  6. I love your last line. Sorry, Pinterest is brilliant antisocial fun to relieve anxiety. It’s very soothing. I don’t have to buy a magazine or read anything. I would say I use it for 15 minutes every couple of days, or if I’m waiting in line somewhere, and mostly to pin photography or architecture that I like. There’s something soothing about it because it’s simple.

    But when people spend hours on it, it verges on the “hoarder” complex..

  7. I do love Pintrest, but can’t usually spend more than 30 minutes before I get totally overwhelmed. I like that I can save all my meal ideas in one place, rather than print out 300 recipes that I’ll never make and instead shove into my junk drawer and purge after I can no longer shut it… so there’s that.
    And I feel you girl, I actually invented the Swiffer in 4th grade at an Invention Convention and have yet to see one penny.

  8. I admit I’ve never visited Pinterest, but it does sound a lot like those collages we all used to make before the Internet was a thing.

  9. I haven’t spent too much time on pinterest, because I’m just not terribly interested in looking at pictures of things (unless it’s terrible drawings like the ones I draw on my blog…those are okay). But idk, pinterest doesn’t seem productive. Don’t get me wrong, I totally waste time like no other, but if I’m going to unproductive I’d prefer it not be because I’m looking at pictures of things.

    I hope that doesn’t sound judgmental towards people who do like pinterest. I’m not trying to be, I swear. Here: I waste time watching toddlers and tiaras. There you go. Now you know I can’t possibly judge you for anything

  10. I find pretty much all social networking to be a waste of time unless you use it for actual networking, so I’m a bigger ass than anyone. I have my time wasters though, they’re just different. I will spend hours watching documentaries about things I shouldn’t care a bit about (balloon twisting comes to mind) or organizing my closet. I think it just all depends on what is fun to you. I try not to judge, but I’m not going to lie, sometimes I do. Like right now, I’m about to waste time OnDemand watching a bunch of episodes of The Mortified Sessions. We all have something.

  11. I STILL have bulletin boards all over the place with photos (“memories”), random nostalgia (my badge pin from my first grade uniform in Poland, luggage tags from vacations, LO’s high school grad photo that I stole from his mom in which he has a dorky curl to his hair..) and quotes. It’s mostly because it helps my anxiety to be surrounded by things that make me happy or things I find beautiful or things that remind me of how lucky I am. I always did this, though. Back when I was younger, they were just packed with Andrew Keegan posters and the Backstreet Boys.

    I’ve been looking around Pintrest without an account for a few weeks now. Its awesome to kill time at work, find wedding inspirations or just gush like a girl at, like you said, crap I’ll never afford but that looks pretty..I’m all for it.

  12. I have absolutely no interest in pinterest either! Sorry you didn’t get credit for it though. If anyone asks, I’ll tell them, “Abby started it!”

  13. I’m totally going to ‘pin’ pictures of this particular blog post all over my Pinterest.

    Just kiddin’.

  14. I made all sorts of collages when I was younger. That’s probably why I like Pinterest.

    But to be fair, I mainly use it for recipes that I actually do make.

  15. I was just like you when I was little. I cut out things from magazines and tacked them up and pasted them into scrapbooks. I love the Pinterest idea and have an account but pretty much don’t do anything with it. I’m having a hard enough time keeping up with the platforms I am active on. This social media stuff is never ending.

  16. I used to rip stuff out of magazines all the time. Back when I got magazines. I did a pseudo art project this fall and had to do that again. It was fun. Really cathartic to go through and rip apart beauty magazines in particular.

    Pinterest is a big time suck. one that I’m on all the time.

  17. I’m not a big pinterest fan. I’ve used it a few times and have been amused by some things I find there. But mostly, it just makes me feel unworthy. I’ll never cook/craft as good as Pinterest does.

    What’s really annoying to me now? Pinterest has connected with facebook, and I’m getting constant updates from my friends about their latest “pins.” Argh.

    Oh, and I got pinned when I was a teenager, too. Wait, is that a different thing?

  18. school notebooks? pinterest. study desks w: plexiglass over? pinterest. beepers > smart phones

  19. Yes! I had collages all over my room with phrases like “Totally HOT!” “Friday Night Party!” “Best Friends Forever!” and little cutout pictures of Corey Haim and Jonathan Brandis (RIP). Totally ahead of the times.

  20. I tried to sign up and you had to request an ”invite” (wtf?? why don’t you just make an account for me asap???). It’s been weeks since I requested the invite and I still haven’t got it.

  21. I STILL cut out pictures,etc., and put them into photo albums so I can refer to them later and they’ll be all neat and tidy…because I’m totally anal and can’t have them all yellow, dusty with the corners all turned down and crap.

    I’m always “ahead” of the times too. I go looking for some “fashion” item and it’s NEVER in the stores or on-line. Then the following year, voila, it’s freaken everywhere. Currently I’ve been “hunting” for about two years for a certain item and I’m about ready to have my seamstress whip it up and then see if I can sell it. Never know, it could be a hit, and if not, then I have one and I’ll be totally unique! 😉

  22. I think I love you and I don’t even KNOW YOU!!!!

    I have been feeling a little pressure to join pinterest and you just summed up exactly why I have NOT.

    That being said, I just got an invite from a friend and I might go for it. You only live to pin once….

  23. I don’t get pinterest. I haven’t set foot on the site and I hope never to. There’s enough stuff sucking up my time without another thrown in the mix 🙂

    Visiting from write on edge

  24. Ah I may need to fight you for that one – although I didn’t have a pinup board. I just used my wall 🙂

  25. I think Tumblr beat you and Pinterest to the idea, actually…

    • Tumblr is another thing I have no clue about, which is why I didn’t mention it. All I know is I get confused on people’s websites/blogs with the Tumblr “shortcut T” button, as I think it’s Twitter. Note to self: Bird = Twitter. “T” = Tumblr.

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