A Houston Hello

Hello from Houston!

Hey y'all!

I’m still here until Monday, but I thought I should check in and let you know that I’m alive. To be honest, I was hoping to have some witty recap, but other than being called a heathen traveler by some church group on the street and witnessing what we assumed to be a drug bust on our walk, things have been kind of lame.

After working 15-hour days, I’m too exhausted to get back on my computer. This whole trip has been weird and boring, and unless something amazing happens tomorrow, it will continue to be lame.

He did enjoy the "mini tumbler" booth at the show. Perfect for his "mini" drinking habit!

I have a few fun ideas and observations for future blog posts, but nothing I feel like actually writing while I’m here. I’m liking this disconnected thing…and tired.

But with that said, I thought I would just share a few pictures of what both Uncle June and I have been up to. Since I’m not at home on Live Writer, I can’t do little picture captions or anything, so you just give you a few of the images.

There was our big party Friday night that involved 800 people at the House of Blues, one kick-ass band back for the fourth year, an open bar, dancing, a tired editor who still can’t hear due the music and a photo booth that will most likely be a valuable source of blackmail in the coming months.

Not the best shot from the balcony, but you get the idea.

Day 1 of the show involved many of the usual suspects, which means shoes.

Just one pair of hundreds.

They zip up the back. Abby likes.

All kinds of balloon decor, including a balloon dress fashion show.

Now that's a cupcake, eh?

This dress is made completely out of uninflated balloons.

There were costumes…

Birds with anger issues.

Colorful clowns.

Now how did Uncle June get in there? Evidently there's no place like clevage...

And people pretending to wear costumes.

Yes, she's painted with glow paint and not really wearing a costume, so to speak.

They're not covered with enough paint, and no, Uncle June is not hiding anywhere on that woman.

He's pretending to be a statue, but if someone were to hypothetically poke him with a feather, he would blink and twitch.

And there was the actual Batmobile from the movie.

No food, drink or editors carrying a gnome were allowed in the actual vehicle.

So those were basically the first three days in Houston. It’s just been a lot of work, which interests no one–most of all me–so I’ll spare you any more pictures at this point.

But I have been reminded that:

  • No one needs a lit magnifying vanity mirror in their hotel bathroom, especially at 6am after four hours of sleep.
  • I will never be able to figure out the air conditioning or heat in my hotel room, and that yelling at the thermostat and poking the buttons extra hard doesn’t help.
  • It’s important not to mistake the free bottles of lotion for the shampoo/conditioner or vice versa, but also important to remember to stuff them in your bag so they get replenished every day.
  • Even if it’s not fun and it’s not something I’ll ever, ever volunteer to do, I can travel and do my job well without the earth spinning off it’s axis…so far.

We'll be back home before I know it.

And then you’ll all be stuck with me again.

So make me feel included. Have I missed anything while I’ve been gone?

36 responses to “A Houston Hello

  1. It looks like so much fun. I can’t wait for summer to go out and have an adventure.

  2. Nothing as exciting as you seem to be experiencing!

  3. youre time is much more exciting than most. Nothing special missed.

  4. God you’re so funny but I have to tell you that gnomes freak me out so much. They are like elderly clown dwarfs, and seem like they should be the king of smurf village.

    I’m glad you’re having a nice trip.

    • I agree that “normal” gnomes freak me the heck out. But Uncle June is tiny and really harmless. He’s not having a “nice” trip, per se, but he has no choice. He’s just sucking it up for a few days…

  5. Where are you? It looks like a total blast.

    • Houston, and honestly, it’s not much of a blast. I just tried to take pictures of a couple interesting things and make the most of the situation 🙂

  6. Every year this gets more interesting!

    Uncle June, there is a better place than cleavage. Its the ass crack.

    As for you, Miss Abby, I know you’d rather be back home, but I honestly think this slight disconnect from the familar and even from blogging is healthy. I know when I went to belgium, the last thing I felt like doing was sit at my computer. And like always, home will always be there, and there is no place like it.

    • Yeah, I know you get it 😉 To be honest, I actually really love disconnecting from everything but the job at hand–one that doesn’t tie me to the news, to blogs or to my computer for a couple days. Before I know it I’ll be back to the normal routine and feeling guilt for not reading blogs or writing posts. I need to work on that. Great reminder, my friend.

  7. Same old, same old here, Abby.

    What the hell is that man in the gold wearing??

  8. Uncle June is having a blast! Drinking and diving feet first into cleavage? What a party animal!

    I want the zip-up shoes!

  9. I can only assume that you will be covered in nothing but black light body paint for your next tv gig?

  10. Since Kim took my comment, I will only say that I’m insanely jealous that your trip to Houston looks A LOT better than mine last year.

    Good to see Uncle June got some action. He deserves it.

  11. First of all, I’m kind of pissed that naked chick is wearing the exact same outfit I am today. How embarrassing!

    Second, I adore the shoes with the zipper in the back.

    Third, your trip looks like a lot of fun. I know you’re working your butt off, but at least there’s lots to entertain you (and Uncle June).

    Fourth, I totally had a dream last night that I came to visit you in Houston. Weird? Yes.

    Carry on.

  12. Looks like a really awesome time to me! Love all the photos. Thanks for sharing!

  13. So many things to say, so little time. I really liked these pics. But I must say my favorite is the first where, because he’s in Texas, Uncle June said, “Hey y’all.” Very cute.

  14. What the heck kind of trade show is this, anyways? Did I miss a memo?

  15. This is probably one of the best trade show recaps I’ve ever seen on a blog. I’m glad you haven’t “spun off the axis”!

    I hope you get a bit of a break this weekend to watch the all-star game!

  16. These photos are fabulous. And those zipper back shoes are a MUST HAVE!

  17. I think there’s going to be some good blog material from whatever that show/convention is. Take notes and then ruminate. Looking forward to it.

    Try and get some rest when you get back!

  18. Looks like an interesting time…..oh to have a body where you can wear paint only. Sigh. And I don’t even like shoes but the heels are hot!!

    Hope you all have a safe trip home!

  19. whoa hahaha! Seems like you’re surrounded by content for another humorous book. 😉

    What the heck is Uncle June?

  20. Oh, these pics are SO cool (heels with zippers!??). As for what you missed, hm…. Boyfriend did a guest post! http://mayorgia.blogspot.com/2012/01/interview-with-boyfriend-part-ii.html 😛

  21. I want those zipper heels. NEED those zipper heels…
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your work trip, and try and enjoy the little blogging break, as much as we all miss your regular updates, you will no doubt return feeling refreshed and ready to get back to the blogging grind 🙂

  22. I try to tell the boyfriend that hotel toiletries need to be stashed daily so they’re replenished, but the doesn’t approve. So, that leaves me to do it by myself…

  23. I see the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the back of one those shots – this seems quite exciting to me. Although if I were actually there and had to do any work, I’d probably be a mess.

  24. StoriesAndSweetPotatoes

    Is that a spice rack? Did you travel with spices?? Because if so we might actually be the same person.

    • Ha! No, that last picture was taken in my kitchen before I left. However, if you must know, I did bring cereal, oatmeal, almonds, chia seeds, Larabars, a measuring cup, etc. with me to supplement everything else I could find. That’s just how I roll…

  25. Ah, conventions. Always an adventure……

  26. Seeing Uncle June all nestled up in cleavage made my night. Who would have thought he’d be so freaky? I’m glad though that he isn’t donning too little body paint in lieu of his usual outfit 🙂

    I hope you get a few days off from work when you get home…or at least one buffer day before the grind starts back up.


  27. I so wish we would have met up! I’m RIGHT HERE! Ugh. I’m so interested in what you do for living. Do you (barely) cover people with glow paint??? Kidding. Sort of.

  28. Okay, the shoes with the zippers are totally awesome…! Scantily clad skinny people with goofy fake smiles, they were a little off-putting actually. Looks like a fun trip!

  29. Seriously I’m so glad that the hotel air/heat issue isn’t just me. I always end a trip no matter how short it is with a sore throat because the heater was on overdrive all night and I couldn’t get the thing to shut off. Haven’t these people ever heard of humidifiers?

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