Musings on Monie

Breaking news: My house isn’t perfect anymore. There are cat toys all over the place, hair on my dining room chairs and a four-legged creature wandering around—and I have survived the past two weeks.

To be honest, it was rough in the beginning and I’m still adjusting. But if I had to get a cat, Monie has turned out to be the perfect choice. Since a few of you have asked how things have gone, I figured it was time for an updatea few of the highlights and a few of the lessons she’s taught me so far.

She hid under my desk for the first night or so, but was lured out with catnip and a brush.


Let that be a lesson, my friends. Legal hallucinogens and massage will do wonders, and I suggest someone sends some over to me ASAP.

I kept shoving her towards food, water, the litter and this cat bed, seeing as I spend a lot of time doing those things myself, and she took to them all pretty quick.


Leopard print cat bed. She is a rock star.

Eventually she executed her plan for world domination by claiming certain spots in the house. I challenged this authority by busting out the vacuum for the first time, at which point she simply shrugged her furry shoulders and walked back to “her” room.

This is a good thing, as the vacuum makes an appearance more than a Kardashian in the news.

Anyway, she sounds like a gremlin when I brush her every morning, didn’t get the memo that 10-year-old cats are supposed to aloof and reclusive and was called “husky” but healthy by the vet.


Weee! We’re working on the “husky” thing.

Plus, she tried to eat the same fake plant I tried to water, so apparently she fits right in.

But in an effort to make this post slightly worth your while, I will dig a bit deeper and say she is teaching me a couple things.

First, she’s shown me she’s a creature with a tremendous capacity for love. I was a complete stranger taking her home that day and she was willing to trust and love me almost immediately. I realize she would’ve been that way with anyone taking her home, but it just goes to show that her heart was open to love.

Second, despite her rough situation, she wasn’t defensive or mean (even though I wouldn’t have blamed her if she was.) She was/is curious, affectionate and willing to experience a new situation with courage and joy—and catnip—but not bitterness.

Third, I can unplug. The time before bed I might have spent online/screaming at a blank computer screen is now often spent playing with her. I can also set boundaries and say “no.” When I want my time, you can bet I still take it—despite her whining and attempts to lick me.


Side bar: She tries to lick me. She’s a weirdo.

And while I’m trying very hard not to get annoyed when she wants attention all the time — I don’t do needy— those times when I do snap at her seem to be forgotten by the next time out paths cross, which is often, seeing as she follows me around. But she never holds a grudge and seems to take things as they are—in that moment—and nothing more.    

Finally, if I don’t completely secure my bedroom door at night, I will wake up and roll over to see a 13-pound cat on the pillow next to me.

I’m still learning.

Buy the book. Save a kitten. 

34 responses to “Musings on Monie

  1. Running from Hell with El

    This is awesome Abby. So happy to hear that this husky little critter is bringing you some peace and happiness.

  2. You are a very quick study…but be forewarned: If you keep your door shut against her, she will someday leave you a “gift” in hopes of gaining entry. No, no, not a pile of poop, something better…like a dead baby bird, or a three-legged lizard. Or a still-quivering but definitely dying mousie. Really, a cat in the bed is bedder;-)

  3. I loved this! So happy you and Monie are bonding!

  4. YOU HAZ A KITTEH!!!!!!11111!

  5. Love this! My kitties are both independent, and ready for evening snuggles. It’s a nice combo. Until they scratch my dresser at 3 in the morning and it wakes me up. I vacuum way more than any human should. But I swear Roxy is 20 pounds and all of it is hair that falls off then grows back every day!

  6. I don’t like the term husky. Kitty has curves! Curves!

  7. of course, you meant “the purrrrfect choice.” 😉

  8. This makes me miss my kitties so much! It is amazing how much they can love you! I miss kitty snuggles.

  9. How wonderful are you! I love people/animal stories so I’m looking forward to more posts about the ‘AM’ tag team. Congrats on keeping the anxieties at bay – you did good. Get Monie to sit on them before she loses some of those pounds 🙂
    So glad it’s working for you both xxxx

  10. She’s so cute and I’m so glad you got her!! My 10 year old husky cat is anything but aloof. I hope you have many good cuddle sessions and laughter bonding over watering and eating a fake plant 🙂

  11. I cried when I read this:

    “First, she’s shown me she’s a creature with a tremendous capacity for love. I was a complete stranger taking her home that day and she was willing to trust and love me almost immediately”.

    We can all learn so much about ourselves from Monie.

  12. Sounds like you got what I call “a dog cat” – the best kind!

  13. This is so great. I’m thrilled that she has fit right into your life and you are happy. I believe animals, like people, come into our lives for a reason and at the time they are supposed to. They all have lessons to teach us. Some easy, some tough.

  14. my cat in college, Holden, used to climb under the covers and sleep right against my leg. It was so sweet, but I’d always have to kick him out bc I would get too warm. He still loved me though…

  15. She is precious. And no, not just “any” owner could have coaxed her out and made her into the very happy-looking kitty she is. A beauty!

  16. She’s so cute! I see she does the kind of playing where she lies on the floor and lets the toy do most of the work. She conserves precious energy that way.

  17. Fantastic news! I am so happy for you and Monie. You are her angel.

  18. She’s gorgeous! A hint on slimming down cats: try canned food only. It’s closer to what they actually eat “in the wild” (quote fingers imagined) and really helps them get more moisture in their diet. Even if she doesn’t lose weight (though both my cats did), it will be better for her all around.

    She sounds like an amazing cat. You are awesome for adopting an older cat. So many people look right at the kittens. I was this person once and now I’d adopt ALL THE CATS if I could.

  19. Lovely post…however, it is obvious that you are quite new to your role as Feline Support Staff. You write, “if I don’t completely secure my bedroom door at night, I will wake up and roll over to see a 13-pound cat on the pillow next to me.” What you have yet to recognize is that you are now the property of a cat and it is HER door that you are securing and HER pillow that you will find her on in the a.m.

    Soon, of course, you will adjust to your new subservient role…. you will some to understand that you no longer own anything – that it all belongs to her and she lovingly lets you live in her space and use her things…That she adores you while you spend every waking moment catering to her whims and desires…


    Enjoy. She looks like a wonderful friend.

  20. Hooray for your new cat! You are both good for each other it seems 🙂

    Oh how I wish I could have a cat. My face would blow up in less than a day, as my allergies are horrendous.. I used to consider the ferral cats in my old neighborhood “mine” (names and all) and could go for a walk and see at least 4 or 5 of them. That was pretty cool (for me at least!) Now? I guess we’ve got a few deer and lots of bluejays. Beautiful but not the same as a cool cat!

  21. That’s great. I’m so glad you guys are getting along so well! I have trouble resisting my cat when he’s being needy too, but at least I know intellectually that he doesn’t actually *have* to have my attention all the time.

  22. Cats are fantastic. I’m glad you’re getting on well.

  23. I’ve had some of my best conversations with cats. They can accomadate us in many moods. I’m glad you have a new friend in your home. I love the pictures.Sometimes sitting near you she will purr your troubles away and that worth a tin or two of food.

  24. I’m glad you guys are bonding well! Sounds like she’s a very loving cat! Like you, she’s still feeling out the situation and setting boundaries, too. Hopefully this means she’ll let up a little on the attention cravings… :p

  25. Awwww….Monie is cute!

  26. Of course she had to have a leopard print bed. That and this: “Plus, she tried to eat the same fake plant I tried to water, so apparently she fits right in.” proves she is quite discriminating and picked the right home ( cats do pick you I’ve been told…they just let humans think it’s the other way around)

  27. It’s amazing how much having a pet can change your life. Even in subtle ways, my dogs (Bettie and Fritz) have made my life better. They love me no matter what my mood may be. They are always there when I’m having a bad pain day or just a bad day in general, with cuddles, licks and hugs. Anytime I’m having a hard time, I hug on my dogs and I’m telling you they calm me… at least a little. I’ve always found pets of any kind, enrich a person’s life with their unconditional love and loyalty. I’m so glad your cat is a good fit for you. Sounds like a great match!

  28. Abby –

    Seriously, kudos on handing the changes in your house so well. As a fellow OCD person, I know what a big deal that truly is.

    “Plus, she tried to eat the same fake plant I tried to water, so apparently she fits right in.” That cracked me the hell up.

    Monie sounds like THE PERFECT cat for you, sans the neediness!

  29. She’s beautiful. I love it when I see that an older animal has been rescued. They have such love to given… Happy to see you two bonded so easily. And don’t even bother closing your bedroom door. Snuggling with a kitty is one of life’s great joys.

  30. We do not do plants here..fake or real and have not had a Christmas Tree in over 5 years. My cat, Firepie is 6. She eats anything resembling a plant.

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