It’s the Little Things, Part 2

I wrote a post about those little things that simply make you want to freak out, so to speak. Big picture? They’re not a big deal. Small picture in that moment? THE BIGGEST DEAL EVER!

In the interest of appearing balanced in at least one facet of my life, I’ve decided to take the opposite approach and talk about a couple of those delightful surprises that can perk up your day. Big picture? They’re not a big deal. Small picture in that moment? THE BIGGEST DEAL EVER!

Let’s begin.

There have been a couple of times when I’ve spent almost a whole hour attempting to “shop,” AKA “buy nothing after destroying many piles of neatly folded shirts and vow to never shop for clothes again.”

On the rare occasion that I do find something that a) kind of fits b) I don’t hate or c) doesn’t qualify me for “What Not to Wear,” I usually end up not buying it anyway because I’m cheap and have a bigger budget for paper towel than I do for new clothes. But when I do take the purchasing plunge, there is no greater delight than getting up to the register and finding out that the item rang up on sale.

Well, I wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t on sale, but I mean like, clearance sale prices! For me? On this shirt I spent 45 minutes pretending to try on over my clothes? It’s like the purchase was deemed acceptable by the universe and for that one brief moment in time, shopping isn’t pure hell.

The greatest lie I tell myself is that I don’t need to write something down, so when I actually remember the great idea I had either right before I fell asleep or stepped into the shower, it totally makes my day. (This is rare though, as evidenced by the content of this blog.)

Going back to clothes, how great is it to reach into your coat or pants pocket and find something like a $5 bill? I’ll tell you—pretty great.

In fact, sometimes when I put away my winter coats for the year, I will stick a small bill in the pocket as a little present for myself when the snow rolls around the next year…or when I remember it’s there during the summer and need $5 for the Farmer’s Market. Whatever.

What’s even better than finding $5 in the pocket of your coat? How about finding one more of whatever kind of food thing you’re craving you thought was gone forever — a piece of chocolate found in the cupboard, a container of frozen deliciousness shoved in the back of the freezer, one more piece of Shredded Wheat that fell out of your shirt when you stood up.

If you ask me, that’s like winning the lotto.

Because I’m a dinosaur, I do not have an iPod or anything similar to that. For that reason, it’s kind of awesome to get into my car and find my favorite song just started, meaning I get to listen to it in it’s entirety—singing at the top of my lungs like the car karaoke queen that I am—without driving around the block to hear the end or cursing the fact I missed the beginning.

Knowing people found my blog with “bedazzled squirrel life preservers,”  “it’s chickpeas, not dudepeas” and “Eminem wearing a babushka and shitkicker boots.”


Like I said, it’s the little things.

Like the blog? Buy the book.

Your turn. What are your good “little things?”

27 responses to “It’s the Little Things, Part 2

  1. Shopping… ugh… but yes, there is a little dance party when I get home from a long day of shopping and the maybe two things I ended up buying were actually on sale. I feel like I beat the system.

    But this feeling only happens maybe a few times a year. I avoid shopping like the plague. It’s probably one of the reasons why the % of clothes I own have started coming from Target… because I can quickly throw a clearance sweater on top of my cereal as I walk past.

  2. Ahhh I HATE forgetting my good ideas!! I COULD BE BRILLANT, DAMNIT!

  3. I don’t have an ipod either and I thought I was the only person still buying cds. This is like when I was still buying records when everyone else went to those convenient tapes that got stuck in your tape deck before your tape deck ate it.

    • You’re ahead of me in that I don’t even buy CDs. That makes hearing it on the radio all the more exciting, because I’m a senior citizen.

  4. I love it that you slip $5 into your winter coat at the end of the season. It’s like a random act of kindness to your future self!

    Now I really want to write a recipe involving chickpeas, so that I can incorporate, “It’s chickpeas, not dudepeas.”

  5. Whether it’s the CD I left in the player or the actual radio, but getting in your car during a bad day or a weird day and hearing the right song at the right time.

    Getting inspired to write and being able to find the pencil sharpener in less than 30 seconds.

    when 1 of my daughters, especially the teenager, just randomly walks up or sits down and starts engaging me in conversation.

    Point Break, Road House, or Office Space on tv when I turn it on.

    • 1) Yes on the writing thing. When I can actually focus and the words just flow, there’s really no better feeling.
      2) You still use a pencil?

  6. For me:

    Realising it’s Friday, when you actually thought it was Thursday.

    Catching a glimpse of the sun shining through the trees, and a beautiful song coming on my iPod at that same moment, when I’m out running.

    My cat snuggling up to me when I’m feeling sad. She just knows.

    Smiling at kids and old people. When they smile back, it makes my heart warm.

    Listening to my 11 year old niece. Her head is a wonderful place to be.

  7. I loved this post! I, too, get excited when I find money I didn’t know I had in my coat pocket, or a piece of chocolate when I thought it was all gone! Those are excellent times!

  8. OMG! Abby!

    “I usually end up not buying it anyway because I’m cheap and have a bigger budget for paper towel than I do for new clothes.”

    I am the SAME way. I would rather spend my money on paper products, cleaning supplies, and scented candles than clothes!

    PS: I will never remember ANYTHING unless I write it down IMMEDIATELY.

  9. People find your blog by typing in the weirdest shit! Cracks me up!

  10. Abby, I too, have a larger budget for paper products that I do for clothes. I loved that line! Also, my favorite is finding $5 in a pocket. Heck, even a dollar thrills me beyond words! I’ll dance if you toss a couple of quarters at me…LOL.

  11. LOL! I choked on my tea when I read the chickpeas not dudepeas line.

    I am totally stealing your idea to hide $5 in your coat pocket. Genius!

  12. tomuseornottomuse

    Forgetting to buy dog food and coming home to find there’s still just enough left for their last supper! Then I write myself a note to remember to write myself a note to buy dog food =) I hate trying on clothes so I just buy it all and try it on when I get home. Best is when I actually have something in my closet I totally forgot about to go with whatever I just HAD to have. It’s like I won the lottery!

  13. I have recently learned I NEED to write everything down, because when I am super uber busy like I am right now, my mind is… crazy stupid and forgetful. the thing is, I will pick up my phone to write something down, get distracted by instagram or a text message or facebook or… and… I forget to even write it down, IN THE MIDDLE of the process of writing it down. *sigh* I hope my brain function returns at some point… 😉

    • That’s one bonus to not having a smartphone. I can only get distracted by things like squirrels and shiny objects, not social media 😉

  14. Finding money has to be the best. Funny thing is, you feel like it’s a free gift and not something YOU actually tucked away absentmindedly! I used to hide money in compartments of my wallet (I may still do that) and recently “found” $40 in an old one that I was throwing away. Good thing I checked all the compartments!!

  15. I’m not a shopping King, or even a King, come to that, but sneaking a $5.00 bill into your coat, as a surprise for next season is an idea which appeals. Very good idea.

  16. I keep encountering the same four dollar bills that I keep switching to the pants I’m wearing while gathering up laundry. It’s been a source of joy several times over the past few weeks.

  17. Leaving money in your pockets for the next Winter? I love that? What a great idea? I should start doing that. But, it would have to be in the pocket of a cat jacket otherwise I may accidentally donate it.

  18. I kinda love whoever came up with “it’s chickpeas, not dudepeas.”

  19. I have the same problem when it comes to shopping. I’ve kind of just accepted that things won’t fit me right.

    ❤ Melissa

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