Pajama Party

Aside from the fact that I believe Sundays are for washing floors and not my hair, part of the reason I enjoy Sundays is that the new grocery ads and coupons come out. This means I can clip coupons I’ll forget to bring with me to the store as I try and buy the things that are on sale before going home and starting a new list of all the things I forgot.

This week while browsing the Target ad and picking out items I didn’t even know I needed, I came across this little gem:


It’s not a Halloween costume, as was my first thought, but rather a collection of footie pajamas for grown women. Now upon first glance I was slightly horrified, as quite honestly the thought of a grown woman wearing something that resembled Ralphie’s pink bunny pajamas from “A Christmas Story” on purpose seemed a bit ridiculous.

But then I realized that unlike the Snuggie straightjacket or Pajama Jeans, this little number might actually be a practical investment! I’m always cold—and no, not just emotionally—and in the winter I sleep in a sweatshirt, pajama pants and sometimes socks. Technically speaking, this little number would combine all three of those items with one convenient zip up the front.

Is it the sexiest thing in the world?

Despite the trendy leopard print, I would have to say that it’s more of a pajama condom or fleece chastity belt than it is a sexy little number. But then again, you know that I’m not exactly a diva and I’m not looking for sexy while I’m curled up on the couch shoving garlic hummus in my face while watching a “Chopped” marathon on TV.

But then I remembered that a) I have a bladder the size of a Cheerio and b) I am an adult.

While I would enjoy the additional warmth, I feel it would be negated when I had to unzip every hour to evacuate aforementioned tiny bladder. Plus, when you really have to go, the last thing you want to have happen is that the zipper gets stuck and you find yourself wrestling with the damn thing while hopping around on your footies in an attempt not to perform a No.1 in your onesie.

The thing is, I used to have something similar when I was little. They were these white and pink button-up one-piece pajamas, but they didn’t have footies, I wore a T-shirt underneath and they included a drop seat in the back, which was much more convenient for bladder evacuation.

True, there were times the back came unbuttoned unceremoniously to reveal what were most likely Popple underwear and more often than not I unbuttoned the whole thing to pee–that little drop door wasn’t that helpful–but nothing is perfect.

And I was a kid.

So after much contemplation, I have decided to save my $20 for the rest of the things I don’t need from Target and sleep in my sweatshirt and pants. It seems much easier to justify this outfit than a onesie when I do the Sunday morning walk of shame to throw out the cat litter.

I’m hoping to start a new trend.

Spill it. Would you purchase the one-piece footie pajamas? Remember, Christmas is coming!

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43 responses to “Pajama Party

  1. I’m not gonna lie, I find the super funky zebra one much nicer than the leopard but maybe I’m just not as classy as the lovely blonde lady in the picture…..

  2. I have an issue with my feet being covered. They’re stinky, yo. I’d have to wash my pjs every time I wore them and I’m morally opposed to that much laundry.

  3. For $20, you bet I’d buy them. I have a pair from Pajama Gram that my husband paid $65 for.

  4. No. NO. I was so happy when the boys stopped wearing footie pjs and like you I visit the bathroom much too often during my sleep time to think I have the motor skills to finagle my way out of this contraption a few times a night.

    and an extra blanket on the bed should help to make sure I’m not chilly. 😉

    (Also? I am not a fan of the animal prints, if I wanted to look like a leopard…oh forget it. 😉 )

  5. That’s one of the best descriptions of why not to buy something I can remember. Zip getting stuck. Nightmare alley indeed. Stay away from this item

  6. They have this tracktor beam pull for me…but I keep resisting. Mostly because I do not like my feet being covered. Sadly I can picture myself in them, but at least if I maintain my oversized worn out hoodie and sweats, I am kind of dressed…

  7. feathersxxx presents featherboxxx

    Love these and will be ordering today for myself. They are great for working at home and make great Christmas gifts along with spa packages where I even include sexy items from my store.

  8. I went to the grocery store yesterday and forgot to buy milk. MIlk! That I buy every week.

    I know that has nothing to do with footie pajamas, but I felt I needed to share that.

    I boutght my husband a pair of footie one piece zip up pajamas for Xmas last year . . . as a joke. A joke. He has yet to even try them on. Oh, and also . . . they make ones with the drop bottom for adults as well. Yes, it is true.

  9. One word: clautrophobia. So, no, not for me. Thankyouverymuch.

    I’ve seen these in the store and actually bought them for my kids–b/c they’re were “dying” to have them!! (My 12 yr old Girl is actually taller than I am, so she needs adult sizes). They both wore them once and said they were done. Girl got too hot. (I do not understand how she’s actually my child.) Boy said his feet felt like they just needed to escape. He woke up at about 2 a.m. and feverishly ripped them off because he was going a little crazy with them.

    So, based on their actual experience, I believe that in addition to being considered a “pajama condom” (loved that!!), they’re also insanity inducing sleep deprivers.

  10. You had Dr. Denton’s as a kid, too? I always thought that back door was a genius thing!

  11. If you think I didn’t just jump onto and ordered myself some lone wolf footie PJs, then I guess you don’t know me at all.

  12. are you watching cutthroat kitchen or the kids cooking show?

    My wife and girls have gotten into those big time

    • I watch them if they’re on, but now the kids show is done and it will be more B-list celebrities with C-list celebrity Guy Fieri and Rachael 😉

  13. Good choice! One time in the 90’s I decided to wear overalls on a long international flight while I had a bladder infection. Peeing takes priority. Which is also why I don’t wear a one piece bathing suit. Cause it’s weird to be in a public bathroom completely naked.

    • This will be TMI but I know you don’t care. I was a swimmer in high school. That meant one-piece suits five sizes too small for speed. That also meant pulling things to the side to pee…

  14. I hear that the new diapers are so nice that you don’t even know you have them on. That is until you fill them up of course. So you could still buy these fancy Pjs and solve your pee problem. And wouldn’t it be great that you can still sit on your couch, eating your needed snacks and not have to worry that if you get up to use the bathroom you may miss a great commercial of something you cant not live with out, or miss Dexter chewing away on someone………you might want to reconsider…

  15. Exactly: “I can clip coupons I’ll forget to bring with me to the store as I try and buy the things that are on sale before going home and starting a new list of all the things I forgot.”

    Might have to get the Zebra 1 for Christmas!

  16. My god, you’re funny. There were so many lines in here which had me cracking up, and just so you’re aware, I’m reading this in the public lunch room at the office, while looking at an adult onesie. Talk about embarrassing, which means despite being cold 24/7 in the wintertime, I will not be purchasing the onesie. Although I do live alone most of the week now so hmmm…nope, never mind. I couldn’t look the felines in the eye if they saw me in something like this.

  17. thyworkingactor

    Hell yes. I am known for my pajamas. A girlfriend of mine just said to me. You’d wear pajamas everywhere if you could. She’s right! This is best thing since sliced bread for me! You just made my day

  18. No! My little baby son wears them… can’t wear them for that reason!;D

  19. I wrote a whole blog post about the onesie a couple of years ago. It was a big deal in Europe. I didn’t wear one when I was a kid. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be wearing one now.

  20. OMG, too funny! If I wore jams, I would totally wear those–Nothing says “tiger in bed” like a full-body, zipped-up one-piece leopard-print fuzzy onesie, especially with those cute footsie details. Those satin two-piece sets are way overrated…

    I also think they would be fun to pick up my high school girls in sometime. That alone would be worth $20. Or that yearly awesome picture of me on Christmas morning in some form of pajamas, with no makeup? These would totally help.

    Thanks for the laugh–again!

  21. If my funky grandma was still alive, I would have bought and worn the leopard print jammy suit when visiting her in the trailer park. It would have made me the most popular girl ever.

  22. I have two pairs that I rock during the winter. ;-). But, I can’t wear them to bed cuz I feel like my feet are suffocating. Lol

  23. I’ll pass. Like you I have an over enthusiastic bladder and in the cold of winter I don’t want to have to strip naked to pee. I like the sweatshirt, leggings and socks look.

  24. Okay, I say no go to the footie pj’s but holy sh*t would I rock Popple underwear. Um, I really don’t think I’m kidding, those things were awesome…

  25. what they don’t have the “window” in the back for “necessities” as long johns do? actually probably not for 20 bucks but if they did I would certainly be considering them but the snowflakes and not the leopard but w/o that then no way.

  26. They look and sound like a bit of an inconvenience when it comes to relieving oneself BUT they are something I would definitely buy and own… the leopard print, just to feel silly and good. EXCEPT I’d probably have to chop off the foot ends.I’m a little claustrophobic on the feet so I wouldn’t like that.

  27. I see nothing wrong with spending the next six months in a pair of these pajamas. So, that’s where I’m at right now.


  28. I was never able to justify the onesie until I received a full grown leopard complete with ears and tail. I can honestly say, I’ve never looked back. Don’t think, just buy.

  29. I’m not sure if I’m willing to trade toasty warm feet for bathroom complications, but the weather is still pretty comfortable here, so I can’t really make an informed decision yet. My kids look adorable in their footies, though, so I imagine I would, too. And you, of course.

  30. I love one piece pajamas…paid 3 times what this cost! I hurt my heel, and now have to wear orthotic slippers…fuzzy ones would look good with these..but looking for one piece with no footie…saw some for 79.00 where the feet zip out, but these for 20 dollars, I can cut the feet out!

  31. That onesie makes me claustrophobic but I loved your analysis of it!

  32. I was never into footie pajamas as a kid. My feet got way too hot. I like to have the option of easy sock removal. I think my husband is going to be relieved that this Target beauty will be getting a pass from me as well! 🙂

  33. I had some footie pajamas as a kid but since I’m on the arm side I remember them as being gross full body sweat absorbers. And, also, if you are wearing one of these things, you have to unzip it and pull it down to pee, thus exposing more flesh than you would with a two piece and defeating the purpose of keeping warm, yes?

  34. My pajamacity pink fleece footed pajamas are wonderful!

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