Odds and Ends

I actually have a new post to publish, but I like to read my posts out loud to the cat before I publish them so that I can prepare myself for no emotional reaction whatsoever, and she’s been on a catnip bender this week. Twice I came home to find her burning incense and eating Cheetos while hanging upside down off the couch.

She knows she’s not allowed on the couch.

Anyway, she’s penciling me in this weekend so Monday I’ll probably share whatever it is I wrote that I already forgot about because it’s been a long week. In other words, this is a post that isn’t really a post but just wrapping up a few odds and ends.

First of all, I’m over In the Powder Room talking about shopping for pants and you should go read it.

Clothes shopping is the 7th circle of hell @abbyhasissues

I know, I know. Who am I? First I talk about ta-tas and then retail. But seeing as I’m equally ignorant and ambivalent about both topics, I felt I was qualified to write about them on the Internet.

Speaking of the Internet, anyone who has a Facebook fan page knows what a pain in the dupa it is to actually get people to see your posts. Most of the time the stats show only about 25 percent of my “fans” see anything that I share.

If you’re not doing that on purpose, check out the handy tip sheet Kim from Let Me Start By Sharing made to simplify the process.


And finally, I hate to brag, but Jake from State Farm replied to one of my tweets.


Sorry I’m not good at screenshots.

He had to had to stalk his name to find it (weeks later) and doesn’t have that many followers, so maybe he is as hideous as the commercial suggests? All I know for certain is that he’s wearing khakis and emotionally available at 3 a.m.

That’s more than I can say.

Anyway, that’s the end of this post that isn’t really a post. Now entertain me.

If you could sum up your week with one movie or song title, what would it be?

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22 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. That always freaks me out when I mention a brand on Twitter and then next thing I know they’re trying to talk to me. Because I’m never saying anything nice. Nice is rarely funny.

  2. This week has been “The Money Pit”.

  3. Ha! See, that’s ANOTHER reason I need a cat. Sigh.

  4. and I thought I was the only one who would use a phrase like “pain in the dupa” Are my Polish roots showing?? 🙂

  5. Is there a song called A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall? I feel like there is. If so . . . yeah. Because this stupid weather has made my normal 1 hour commute into 1 1/2 – 2 hrs. of traffic hell BOTH WAYS. Come on people, it’s not fire and brimstone raining down . . . it is merely water in the sky. You can still move forward. Gah.

    Are you sure the tweety guy is the REAL Jake and not just some imposter? I know nothing of the business of twatting, so I’m not sure if that could even happen. Just wondering.

    • I love you because you called it “Twatting.” And I have no clue about Jake, but I can’t imagine he would have that much to tweet about anyway, so I think it might be for real 😉

  6. Facebook is so annoying! Like you, I always have a teeny tiny percentage of people seeing my posts. Plus, it seems like the ones that get the best traction don’t have links attached to them. If it’s a random comment or joke or something, it gets seen way more than the post that I took days putting together. Thanks, Facebook. Anyway, thankfully I do see your posts!

    I’m surprised that Jake isn’t interested in Flo. Love is a fickle thing.

    • Putting the link in the comments helps, but it’s still a smaller percentage than normal. It’s ridiculous that 10-20 percent of people see what I post and that’s it. Considering it’s a hobby there’s not reason for me to freak out, but it’s so frustrating because I love the conversations on Facebook. Oh well. And of course, I see your posts!

  7. Stupid Facebook. I’ve fallen off the Facebook wagon and have barely posted anything the past couple weeks. I kinda figure no one is reading it anyway, so why bother. Me and Winnie the Pooh would get alone great.
    I like your post that’s not a post, especially the cat bit part, at the top. Maybe because I have three and I know what they’re like on the nip. Or maybe because I read all my posts out loud to them. I’d like to think they’re listening, but they’re really just stoned out on nip.

  8. It must be that time of year–I actually just posted a “post within a post” today, because I’m taking a weekend away from technology and my daughter’s blog the funniest thing I can think of today. Kind of like copying someone else’s homework…

    And my cats never even blink when I read my stuff back to them, either, so I’m totally prepared.

  9. I have to say I can never stop laughing when I read your blog. It’s a masterpiece that I look forward to reading. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award because of this! Here is the link:

  10. “Fight for Your Rights” comes to mind. (a little know and very progressive song by Motley Crue. NO Seriously, it’s anti-racism and oppression) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70o40ffGHpM

  11. Who does Jake think he is? Flo is quirky-hot. That means she’s probably kinky; he’d be lucky to have a woman like her.

  12. God help me. I am in lust with the guy from the Jake commercials. NOT JAKE. But the husband. I even looked him up on IMDB. And then joined Stalkers Anonymous.

    I see your posts on FB all the time! I have a page for my blog and I’m in the same boat…only a fraction of the people see my stuff. Maybe I should quit posting stuff about the Not Jake guy.

    • I see your posts all the time, too. And if someone didn’t know what we were talking about, they could interpret this conversation as dirty. I’ll show myself out now…

  13. Jake from State Farm is REAL? That kinda makes me want to sign up for Twitter. I wonder what other seemingly fictional characters are real?

  14. I am lucky that i continue to see your FB posts, and will be sad if one day they stop popping up. You’re my new favorite.

  15. I can’t tell you how encouraged I am about your Twitter reply from “Jake.” It means there’s hope for me hearing from Adam Levine after all.

  16. “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.” Technically, I think the song is just 99 problems, but you get the picture.

  17. Movie title: Toddler comes visiting. If there’s anything like that really.

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