Let’s Get Clicky

Technology makes it so much easier to complain about technology, now doesn’t it? Let’s do that for a minute and then get to the part where I refer you to read an ironic post that I wrote.

Facebook is rivaling the Grinch in terms of seasonal spirit by starting to force blog fan pages to pay in order for their followers to actually see what they post. Now I know it’s annoying that I’m complaining about this again, but seriously?

It’s ridiculous, and I’m not going to pay Facebook to share my nonsense with the masses when that money could be spent buying pesto.

No, instead I’m going to be POSITIVE and invite you to subscribe to my blog via email (see that nice little option on the left side of my blog?), follow me on Twitter (one-liners I should probably keep to myself) and remind you to make sure you’re selecting the “Show in Newsfeed” and “All Updates” on Facebook.

Unless you’re actively trying to avoid me, in which case — carry on as you were. Let’s move on.

I’ll have a new post for you here this later week that doesn’t involve self-promotion that makes me feel uncomfortable and twitchy like this does, but today I’m back over In The Powder Room talking more about technology and cults.

What do those two things have in common?powder-room.jpg I suppose you have to click…HERE to find out.

So let’s summarize:

  • Facebook is lame.
  • I prefer pesto to popularity.
  • You have various options to either interact with or ignore me.
  • The serving size suggestion on hummus is about as useful as a Kindle is to a Kardashian. 
  • Clicking this link will trick In The Powder Room into thinking that I have friends.

One of those things doesn’t belong, but I felt it was valid. Anyway, go forth and read about cults, soak in the irony of that statement and I’ll see you here for my next post.

Unless you’re actively trying to avoid me, in which case — carry on as you were.

Need a holiday gift? Buy the books!

16 responses to “Let’s Get Clicky

  1. hahaha!

    “……but will mention your name in return for organic produce and Target gift cards.”

    I read your post early this morning at around 5:05a MST and, as early as it was, had me ROLLING! LOL!

  2. Funny post!

  3. What? Did you say something? Sorry, I was over here trying to avoid you . . .

  4. I actually paid $8 to test out that whole facebook distribution thing. It said over 2,000 people saw my post when I paid, whereas most days it ranges from a lowly 48- 300. Swindlers.

    • Yeah. I have a FB coupon that I’ve used to “boost” posts for $5 and it still only reached about half the “likes,” but that’s better than nothing (and didn’t cost me anything.) I’m using the rest of it this week to experiment, but I’ve heard there’s a backlash when it’s done so that FB hides even more of your stuff because you advertised. Moral of the story? I’m throwing in the towel and sticking to the blog 😉

  5. Wait, whut? When did FB start hiding page stuff? Is this a thing? WTF, FB I always knew you were crap. Also – WordPress is telling me there’ll be ads on my blog ‘sometimes’.

    Man. Leave the blogoworld for one little year and it all goes to shit.

  6. Seriously! Who eats one tablespoon of hummus?

  7. pesto>popularity: can I just say duh?!

  8. “It’s ridiculous, and I’m not going to pay Facebook to share my nonsense with the masses when that money could be spent buying pesto.”

    Wow. That IS ridiculous.

    Off to the Powder Room!

  9. Pesto and hummus…you’re making me want a snack. lol

  10. We knew they’d get us one way or the other. Damn and blast Facebook! There’s a lot to be said for the freeware community.

    I loved the In The Powder Room post – so funny. Oh, and don’t forget Clicky Leader, I’ll read you no matter what you write about (bows head in supplication).

  11. I have major Facebook aversion issues. I can’t even bring myself to use it for my blog, making my ‘fan’ page the saddest thing in social media. The ROI on pesto is much higher anyway.

  12. Facebook is now a commercialized cake that was thrown out a a speeding car window against a wall.

    I dont want to see Papa John’s I’m trying to lose weight and we dont even have them in the UK!

    In short Facebook is mess!

  13. I prefer pesto to most things as well, popularity included.

  14. Actively try to avoid you; now that’s ridiculous. I’d much rather have it more of the other way around.

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