A Toast

I’ve long held the belief that there’s not much that smells better than bread, specifically toast of any kind.

Right now I own two toasters—a cheap one that I got from Walgreens six years ago that still browns my bread to perfection, and one that I received for my birthday that brands the bread with the logo of my beloved Detroit Tigers.

I thought the Tiger toaster was very cool and clever.

With that said, there are some things I just don’t want on my toast. Sunflower seed butter? Bring it on. Vegan margarine? I can’t get enough. The image of genitalia?

Excuse me, but what?

Head on over In the Powder Room to read how with the push of a lever, you can have a pornographic piece of toasted treat, served just for you, and I’ll see you back here later this week.


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10 responses to “A Toast

  1. I don’t know; the vagina toaster cooks up an image that looks more like an avacado cut in half….

  2. Ha, that is super cool! Although the toasty part is not evenly distributed at all…hmm…

  3. Maybe I can get a side gig designing toasters? My wife is mortified at the inappropriate blog post titles I use when I pitch hit on her space. Today’s is no exception.

  4. Bread prOn? I don’t even want to know how yeast is involved.

  5. Okay if these things are really selling, we surely can get rich off of something equally as ridiculous. A labia print gym bag? Penis flavored Ice cream? We are obviously doing it all wrong.

  6. These toasters are the perfect gift for sex addicts. It will warm the cockles of…. I was going to say their heart, but maybe I should say their lady and gent bits.

  7. Oh my! Branding bread porn? I’m headed over now.

  8. As a fellow toast lover, I must recommend this to you: http://www.jesustoasters.com/

  9. In many ways, I’m a simple sort of man, and I too love a good slice of toast. I’m not remotely interested in having any picture on it, given that I am going to be chomping it to smithereens shortly, and if I want to catch up on my pornography backlog, I can always turn on the BBC News.

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