A League of Our Own and a Giveaway

Not to be annoyingly vague, but I have a couple cool things coming up on the blog in the next couple of months that are really no doing of my own.

Some people asked me to contribute to a couple of neat projects and after looking over both of my shoulders to make sure they were talking to me—and that they were sober—I humbly accepted their offers.

The first really cool thing is that Noa, famed blogger from “Oh Noa” who founded the League of Funny Bitches, asked me and other uber-cool blogger, Jen Reinmuth from “Jen e sais quoi,” to be part of her revamped blog platform and join the LOFB Council (warning: contains adult language.)


You can read about it on Noa’s blog, but basically every month we’re going to choose a topic and tear it apart, top to bottom, in our Fearless, Fierce, Funny ways through writing, art, video, podcasting and whatever else we think up. We’ll introduce you to other women who bring that theme to life, and then the next month we’ll choose a new one and start all over again.


We’re over people getting torn down for comedic purposes, and it seems like that’s the most prevalent form of comedy today—at least if you want to “go viral.”  That’s not who we are, and that’s not who we’re going to be. We own our life stories. We might struggle, but we have no shame and know the value of our worth.

We’re funny. We’re fierce. We’re fearless.

I’m working on that last one, which brings me to the topic for this month—Enough. My monthly “slot” is Wednesday— that sounds much dirtier than I intended—and I’m telling you all this so I don’t have to explain it again every time.

Deal? Deal.

And because I haven’t done a giveaway in a while and I want to kiss up to you people so you NEVER LEAVE ME — Subscribe! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter! Buy me a puppy! — we’ll do that today, too.

If you don’t have a copy of my second book yet and want one—or even if you don’t want one, you weirdo—just tell me what kind of “F” you would use to describe yourself (and let’s keep it clean, people.) Funny? Frugal? Food-covered?

Crap. I just described myself once again.

Anyway,  I’ll randomly pick a winner on Friday and let you know via email. Until then, go out and “F” the world, my friends!

57 responses to “A League of Our Own and a Giveaway

  1. Yay, congrats! F words were a challenge for me on Noa’s post too. Ummm..frisky? No. Not frisky. That’s a weird thing to say. Hmmm

  2. This winter has been F-ing with me and all these flakes of snow have turned me into “flaky” mess. I’ve got flaky skin, I’ve become a flaky friend and have aquired an intense addiction to coconut flakes – or so I hope those are the flakes I’m eating… I think I need to read your book before the rest of me flakes out too!

  3. I don’t have your book and would like it. I forget what I used on Noa’s (and of course am way too lazy to look), so let’s just go with Freezing. That seems fitting for this damn weather right now! Brrrrr.

  4. Oh..how about Frazzled…not Fraggled..a bit Fraggled -busting out in a song and dance About uncle traveling Matt..but mainly Frazzled..kinda in shut down mode due to being overwhelm ed.

  5. Famished…… I’m bloody starving!!

  6. Sounds really exciting, Abby! Can’t wait to follow you there!

  7. Faaaaaaaantabulous!!!!! 🙂

  8. I’m FINICKY lately….like things have be just so for the time being.
    I’ve missed you and your FUNNY blog Abs!

    So glad you’re going to be “around” the next few months 🙂

  9. F words! I am definitely Flexible. As a yogini my husband in particular enjoys the perks. 😉

  10. Well, since I can no longer eat my favorite food (chocolate) due to my colitis (posts will be coming up next month on that very subject, hint hint), I would have to call myself FudgeNoMore. You can read that any way you wish, but I’m really not into the dirty interpretation – after all, I’m only that sweet little old lady that everyone loves so much. (BTW, your post did not say that we couldn’t make up our own F words.)

  11. Is it possible to use foreign language? Because since I am French I could describe myself as:
    – English : Furiously crazy with a bit of tea (doesn’t make sense I know but who cares!)
    – French: follement stressée avec un besoin pathologique de manger les Twix blanc
    To be honest there aren’t really word more like expressions starting with the letter F but let’s face it there aren’t really one word who can describe one person =)

  12. F is a hard one for me, as I love dropping that bomb so much, so I’ll try to keep it clean. Frumpy at times, Fantastic at other times. Fabulous when I’m sleeping, and Farty when I eat Mexican.

  13. FRIEND. oh, describe ME, not YOU? ❤

    Fastidious. to a Fault. that is me.

  14. ABBBYYYYYYYYY. I am so happy to have you working with me. You keep me sane.

  15. I am fantastically fabulous, funny and friendly! I am also bat SH*T crazy, but since you didn’t specify those letters we will just leave that out-MMMKK 😉 Love your blog and your facebook comments! 🙂

  16. I am definitely frugal. My son just this morning on the way to high school told me to quit “babbling” about how his older sister can save on a prom dress, lol…

  17. Freaking funny, funny, funny. I say it all the time just like this to my three kids and they don’t laugh. They are not funny, funny, funny.

  18. Ferociously frugal!!! Ridiculously so.

  19. I’m fabulously frisky… A double F descriptor! 🙂

  20. I only have about 50 pages of your first book left to read (and by the way – LOVE it. LOVE. The chapter about the magazines? I think you were in my head!)

    So…F word, you say?

    Funny? Nah.

    Fussy, frugal, fabulous (like the girls in Absolutely Fabulous, that is), frumpy, fierce, fun, fourteen (at heart), and….famished.

  21. I will go with ferocious. I wanted to say sarcastic, but it doesn’t start with an F and if it did, it would be farcastic. And then you just come across as having a severe speech impediment.

  22. Flooded but then I live in the south of England so I’m like everyone else.

    • Although I can’t WAIT for the temps here to get above 20 degrees, we’re all dreading the fact it will probably flood. With 25 inches of snow on the ground it’s inevitable!

  23. Family-oriented. I don’t like the other f words that describe me.

  24. I use the F word with abandon (as you well know) but I’ll keep it clean for once and go with FLABULOUS. Yeah.

  25. Fun-loving free-loader who Frequents ummm…Foreign Films? (haHA! This may or may not be me! I’m fabulously famous for my frappe’s!)

  26. Freaking funny!

  27. OMG! I am so excited for you and I am totally looking forward to your funny, fierce, and fearless musings with the League of Funny Bitches!

  28. There are just so many descriptives that can distinguish me! Clearly fabulous femme! A friendly, fry-loving flosser….hmmm? The winner is – ‘flame’ – wildfire, flamelike, glowing, brilliant light; scintillating luster. Yes, this is what I do. The sunshine girl!

  29. There are so many f-ish descriptives that define me! Clearly fabulous femme. Friendly, fry-loving funny gal. The winner is ‘Flame’ – flamelike, wildfire, set ablaze, glow, brilliant light, scintillating luster, bright coloring; a streak or patch of color.

  30. Fantabulous! Not really. More finicky than anything right now, but never ever pever fake! Fake is the f word. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  31. I’m a FART-TASTIC, sporty FEMME, FEMINIST! =)

  32. Frumpy definitely describes me this winter. I’ve been living in sweats, it seems. There’s just no way to feel like you have a shape when you have thermals on under all of your outfits. LOL

  33. Right now? Famished. Floopy (not a word but fitting). Freezing. Frenetic (mentally, at least). Frizzy haired. Foul-mouthed (when I’m driving with the windows rolled up).

  34. Fucked up.

  35. Fack. I missed the giveaway. By the way, that’s not a typo in the beginning; I’m saying it with an accent. I can’t wait to see what you ladies get up to; sounds like my kind of league. Ya know, the kind where you curse with an accent.

  36. Just found your blog and love it! My F word is frazzled.

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