The Age of Asparagus

As you may know—and one look at my blog header in which I am “smoking” asparagus will tell you—my love of asparagus runs deep. So deep in fact that I eat it every day and have created a song for this stalk.


 (To be sung to the tune of “Age of Aquarius”)

When I bring the groceries in my house,

And start to make my food.

Those stalks will guide the meals I eat,

And that taste will lift my mood.

This is the dawning of the age of Asparagus!

The age of Asparagus!



Roasting it or often steaming,

Fresh flavors and taste give life meaning.

Don’t care if urine is sulfuric,

This green stalk makes me euphoric,

Eaten raw—a revelation,

And the taste’s true liberation.



When the moon is in the Seventh House,

And Jupiter aligns with Mars.

Then peace will guide the planets,

And love will steer the stars.

This is the dawning of the age of Asparagus!

The age of Asparagus!



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25 responses to “The Age of Asparagus

  1. I also love, love, love asparagus!

  2. Well done miss! I’m personally a green bean girl myself, but I don’t turn down asparagus. Yum!

  3. Great song. I was a little off key when I sang it but it’s wonderful. I like asparagus more than my luggage. Lucy

  4. Lehhhht the puns shine.

    Lehhhht the puns shine in.

    The puuuuuns. Shine in.

  5. We are in total agreement! Asparagus season is the best. I only wish it wasn’t so short! I’m going to have this song stuck in my head all day now. I would happily see your vegetable-centric version of Hair.

    • I don’t care if it’s off season or not, I still spring for the stalk on a daily basis. However, it’s awesome when it is in season. And this song? In my head for days, much like “Desperado” was for my avocado song. I need to quit writing these things.

  6. I love it too, stinky pee be damned!

  7. Lovin’ it. Ahhhh! The Fifth Dementia!

  8. Love this! My fiancés favorite vegetable or rather the only vegetable he really eats. Hats off to he glorious asparagus.

  9. This. Is. Genius.

  10. We should co-write an opera, for real.

  11. I make mine, by placing the asparagus on a cookie sheet, mix with olive oil and sea salt, and a little parmesan cheese…yummy

  12. I’m more a spinach and or green bean boy, but this blog title and song are making me green with envy for not thinking of it first

    well done

  13. Why don’t more people love that delicious vegie?

  14. You can’t fool me with a song. Asparagus is still a creation of Satan.

    • Gasp! What?!? No! I would have to give that honor to cauliflower, in part because of the spelling, but mostly because of the digestive havoc it can disperse.

      • LOL! I like cauliflower and can even spell it while asparagus gives me pause. I thought it was asparagus that caused digestive havoc as evidenced by the smell.

  15. I started laughing as soon as I saw the title. That’s hilarious

  16. We are soulmates, destined to eat and smoke asparagus until the end of our days. Love the song, love the veggie.

  17. Wow you sure like asparagus! I like it okay… with parmesan cheese on it! Brussel sprouts are okay too I guess. But I’d rather have peas or lima beans!

  18. I had asparagus-chicken stir fry today!

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