The Nose Knows

When I saw a woman in front of me at the store the other day smell the packs of gum to help her decide which kind to buy, I felt like I found a new friend.


Because a majority of the decisions I make on a daily basis are at least partially the result of the “smell test.” My first instinct when given something—be it food, a puppy or even a candle specifically labeled “unscented”—is to smell it.

I’m just a “smelly” person.

But lucky for me—and especially lucky for YOU—the ladies over In The Powder Room accept my neurosis and even encourage it by publishing my post on this very topic.

So clear out those sinuses, click the link and go read about how if you see me spraying an air freshener in a store aisle and quickly sticking my nose in the mist, smelling a fake plant or subtly sniffing the cute guy in the produce aisle, there’s no reason to be alarmed.


The nose knows, my friends.

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7 responses to “The Nose Knows

  1. I can relate to this so well!

  2. I smell everything – food, clothes, cosmetics, furniture, EVERYTHING. Hello, soul sista.

  3. Smell is the most evocative of our senses I think so I don’t blame you.

  4. I thought I was the only one!!! lol

  5. Omg I do the exact same thing!!! Great to know I’m not alone in this world!!! 😁

  6. I was in a store a few days ago smelling the colorful wax cubes for my Meadow Posies ScentSationals warmer. One of the cube packets I purchased smells like Trident layers gum—the green one with watermelon on the wrapper. Watermelon Twist. My daughter put the cube in the warmer and a little while later I thought she’d gotten into my gum. But, no….it was the warmer. It made me crave something sweet, so I turned it off. 🙂

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