Kristen from “Abandoning Pretense” Has Issues

Happy Friday! At least it is over here, as we got about 18 inches of snow and I spent the majority of the week hoping to get plowed—and that’s not an euphemism for anything, unfortunately—and it’s finally stopped snowing for a day or so.

Lucky for all of us, today’s blogger sharing her issues is from Florida and so I’m going to pretend things will warm up here simply by osmosis. Well, that and the fact that Kristen’s a woman, mother, wife, adventurer, humor writer and blogger, among other things.

I liked her from the first minute I read that “The goal of Abandoning Pretense is for me to encourage you (and remind myself) to do away with the mind-numbing (and total bullshit) small-talk, white lies, half-truths and exaggerations that we–as mothers, as women–are expected to feed to one another every day.”

Preach it, sister.


Where, what and why do you write?

I write at Abandoning Pretense, the blog I began a couple of years ago in hopes of writing myself out of my disturbing and impractical make-everyone-happy-but-for-god’s-sake-don’t-look-like-a-f*cking-weirdo-while-doing-it unintentional life mantra. I’m also a part of the editorial team at and I write for

Usually, I write funny/deep/WTF type pieces laced with equal parts sexual innuendo and debilitating self-doubt. Or sometimes I just write about vaginas or boobs outright and call it a day.

The reason I write is the same reason I run long distance: It’s cheaper than therapy.

First thing you think of when you wake up in the morning.

“WHY IS MY HUSBAND NOT TURNING OFF HIS MOTHERF*CKING ALARM CLOCK. Oh, wait, never mind, that’s my alarm. Son of a…

What’s the one “issue” or frustration annoying you the most right now?

Oh crap, now I’m going to get all serious on you people. My son has ADHD and is having a difficult time in third grade. He goes to this uppity super-high-expectation school for science, which he loves and is really an awesome school, but he’s a basket case in the classroom and drives his teachers insane. And I yell at him sometimes (okay, daily) and hate myself for it. So that kind of sucks and is constantly on my mind. I write about that sometimes, and it’s the only time I write without sexual innuendo, because it would weird and creepy if I did that.

Three websites you visit every day.

CNN, Washington Post and The New York Times.

Kidding. I’m totally gonna start reading those though, like as soon as Facebook implodes and I get tired of books. I mainly spend time browsing my Facebook feed for interesting articles my friends and fellow bloggers have shared. I know the general consensus is that you can’t get reliable news via your Facebook feed, but I think the people who say that just need to up the ante on their friend list, ya know what I mean? Less cousin-Jim-Bob-because-it’s-Facebook-and-I’m-supposed-to-be-‘friends’-with-my-family, and more that-blogger-friend-I-adore-because-she-too-owns-a-tattered-copy-of-Catcher in the Rye.

What’s an unusual talent and/or accomplishment you could never put on a resume?

Ugh! I don’t have any! I only have stupid real talents, like drawing and playing the violin and viola. I never learned to tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue though, and I feel like I’ve really missed out on some good times as a result of this.

Oh WAIT! I do have a weird talent: I can move my ears! Yes. I can move my ears. So I am trivially talented after all. Thank god. I almost had a panic attack for a second there.

If you could rule the land for one day, what laws would you create and enforce?

Just one: Don’t be a dick.

Best and worst things I could find in your refrigerator right now?

Health-wise, or taste-wise? Health-wise best would be kale. I juice that stuff because I’m trying to live to be 100. It’s on my bucket list. Like I’ll literally turn 100 then die right on the spot, and I’ll be satisfied with that. Worst would be my husband’s disgusting chemical-laden Mountain Dew energy drink. I can’t even look at it without getting osteoporosis. Taste-wise, the best would be queso fresco. I could eat that shit by the brick. The worst would be olives. I would rather eat a squirming grub than an olive. Blech.

Given the holiday season, what are your favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving foods?

Pie. I am one of those people who will have “a little sliver” of the eight different kinds of pie brought by the various different guests at a potluck-style Thanksgiving. Love that shit.

My least favorite … also pie. My neighbor once made this Shepard’s pie that had some kind of liquor in it and it was so strong I almost threw up when I took a bite of it. I was like, “Dude, that is not what pie is supposed to taste like,” and he was like, “Here, you just need to add some whipped cream.” And because I’m a huge pansy and I hate confrontation, I said, “Oh, okay. Sure, lemme try it with the whipped cream.” And I did, and it was still disgusting. Also, after those two bites, I was drunk. That’s how much liquor was in it. Never again.

Editor’s note: My favorite pie is pizza. Carry on.

What question do you wish I had asked you and what would be your reply?

I wish you had asked, “Would you like some cheesecake now?” I would have said yes.

So hide your desserts and go check out her blog and Facebook page, AFTER you answer our question:

What are your favorite and least favorite holiday foods?

 P.S. Because next Friday is Black Friday (eye roll,) I won’t be featuring a blogger seeing as no one will be on the Internet. However, I will still have a new post up Sunday and Tuesday, so come back and visit. Bring pizza.

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16 responses to “Kristen from “Abandoning Pretense” Has Issues

  1. “My favorite pie is pizza”. Awesome.

  2. “Don’t be a dick.” Right?

  3. Favorite? Dressing. And not the Stouffers kind (which though in a pinch is completely excellent), but the doctored-up dressing with sausage and mushrooms and yummy goodness. And it’s “dressing.” Not stuffing. I would eat it daily.
    Least favorite? Is this possible? For me? No. I eat everything.

  4. Dressing. I LOVE DRESSING. I could eat so much dressing. I could eat all the dressing. DRESSING.

  5. I love the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and rolls (carb hound anyone?) and am not so fond of the turkey itself. Also, my daughter makes this incredible peanut butter pie. I would steal it and keep it all for myself, but the little creep would narc on me.

    Also, love Abandoning Pretense! Thanks for another great interview.

  6. I completely avoid going out on Black Friday. Favorite –I’d prefer the whole meal be pumpkin pie. Least favorite — Put away the cranberry sauce from the can, please! Especially when the blob of sauce is still in the shape of the freakin can!

  7. I love pie too. ESPECIALLY pizza pie! 🙂 I also love AP. So glad you featured her! Sooooo, what’s a girl gotta do to get in the spotlight ’round these parts? I am not beyond bribery. Whatever it takes. 😉

  8. I love olives…just sayin’…;) Great guest by the way. Love her!

  9. Not to brag, but I can actually tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. It’s God’s way of compensating for my inability to walk across a room without tripping over something.

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