Rebecca from “Frugalista Blog” Has Issues

I prefer to say that I’m not cheap, I’m frugal—both financially and emotionally, if we’re being honest—so it makes sense that a blog called “Frugalista” would capture my attention.

Well, today’s blogger spilling her issues is THE Frugalista and also a co-writer in two of the anthologies I’m in—“I Just Want to Be Alone” and “You Have Lipstick On Your Teeth.”

She describes her blog as being “confessions of a middle aged drama queen, stuck in the burbs, running to PTA meetings and scooping cat poop. It’s a glamorous life. Join me.”

Minus the PTA meetings and scooping cat poop, we’re practically twins. Well, except she is married, has kids, is gorgeous and actually wears makeup. I guess what I’m saying is we’re both drama queens who live in the suburbs—frugally. 


Name: Rebecca Tipper Gallagher

Blog: Frugalista Blog (It’s a stupid name because it sounds weird to my ears when I say it. When folks ask me what it’s called, I always have to repeat myself.)

Where, what and why do you write?

I write on my couch with my laptop and my dog next to me. Sometimes my cat sits on the back of my couch judging me. He doesn’t cuddle, just sleeps from afar. I write about whatever suits me, which can be complaining about my husband, sharing my opinion regarding an issue or sharing beauty tips and makeup deals. I like to keep it funny and real. So sometimes I show myself topless or in Spanx. Why I write is mostly to entertain myself and embarrass my family.

 First thing you think of when you wake up in the morning.

Is this when Madonna does her yoga? I heard she does yoga first thing in the morning and before she goes to bed. I can barely get my feet to move down the stairs to the kitchen to make my tea. Of course, maybe if I did the yoga, I would feel better.

 What’s the one “issue” or frustration annoying you the most right now?

If we’re talking ‘global issue’ it would have to be human trafficking, which is not a joking matter. If we’re talking close to home, I’m pretty irritated with myself that I still have a roasting pan of baked penne in the back of my fridge that I’m too scared to clean out.

Three websites you visit every day.

Is this a trick question? Does social media count because there’s about four of those. So, Facebook. Duh. Yahoo, because I need my news BUT I like a bit of pop culture mixed in. Pinterest. Twitter. And Sephora. That’s more than three. Sorry.

What’s an unusual talent and/or accomplishment you could never put on a resume?

*Wink, wink.* I’ll let my husband answer that. *eyebrow raises*

Editor’s note: I think she means replacing the toilet paper in the bathroom, right?

If you could rule the land for one day, what laws would you create and enforce?

I would make dental care for old people free of charge. Why is it that old people who need dental work never can afford insurance? It’s horrible. Also, I would make Tuesdays free donut days. I think everyone would be happier with free donuts in their lives.

And, I would ban leaf blowers. When I see six yard guys at the apartment complex down the street blowing leaves all over the place at the same time and it’s a windy day, it chaps my hide.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

If the movie is portraying my life now, I would say Amy Poehler. I think she would do it incredible justice. If the movie is portraying me as a younger version, I would pick Emma Stone because she is so gosh darn cute. And I would like to think that in my 20s, I was that cute too.

You can only eat three foods for a week. What are they?

Oh that’s easy because I only eat about five things a week. Is this like a Cambodian prison thing three things? Or like if I was at Martha Stewart’s for a week? I would have a seafood Louis salad, donuts and granola.

 The last thing you Googled?

Porn. Just kidding. It was water heater companies sadly.

Me again: If you say it with air quotes, it can maybe sound a bit sexy…? “Water” “heater” “company” *wink wink*

What question do you wish I had asked you and what would be your reply?

What do you think are more overrated? Unicorns or Mermaids? And I would answer mermaids. I don’t see the big deal over a woman or man who has no legs. I don’t know where the babies come out, or how the babies are made and it confuses me.

Deep thoughts, my friend. Deep thoughts. Now it’s your turn to go check out her blog after you answer our question:

What food would you want given away free every Tuesday?

Want a fun holiday gift? Buy the books and cool things!


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12 responses to “Rebecca from “Frugalista Blog” Has Issues

  1. How are mermaid babies made? Well, when two mermaids love each other very very much and are ready to start a family, they close their eyes and hold hands and wish really hard and then a lobster comes and delivers a baby in a seashell.

  2. Croissants. Definitely croissants.

  3. Thank you for sharing my issues! Wow, I sound like a crazy person.

  4. Mermaids are definitely overrated. Unicorns rule! They fart rainbows.

  5. Oh my gosh, don’t we all have issues? 🙂 Great to meet you Rebecca! I love your answers and I soooo agree with dental for the elderly and FREE donuts but can we make it 3 out of 7 days a week. 🙂 Headed over to your site now to subscribe!

  6. Mermaid babies…I have the same question and no answers. Birthday cake. Tuesday should be birthday cake day.

  7. Hi! I’m thinking that Tuesdays would be a great day for free chocolate bourbon truffles. And so would Monday, Wednesday, Thursday……

    Love your blog. Going now to check out Frugalista!

  8. I think Tuesday should be free chocolate day, and by free I mean both financially and calorically. I agree that Mermaids are weird. I had a recurring nightmare about Mermaids after reading a 3-D book on the “little” Mermaid when I was a kid.

  9. On Tuesdays, everybody in the world would get a huge bowl of freshly steamed broccoli topped with Chinese Yum Cha (and the condiments, sauces etc., of their choice). Ooooo . . . I think I’ll have that for my Xmas dinner. Drool, drool!

  10. I like that you picked salada, donuts and granola. Well rounded choices. (No pun intended. ha!)

  11. salada? What, now I’m Spanish? Whattaup, autocorrect?

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