Let’s Set Lofty Goals!

The New Year is quickly approaching, which means we’ll soon be subjected to hearing about everyone’s lofty goals for the upcoming year.

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, mostly because I figure I don’t need to wait until January 1 to try and change whatever it is that needs changing—unless it’s the furnace filter, in which I stick to a stringent “every three months” schedule.

But in the spirit of self-improvement and goal-setting, I have decided to share a few of my more “reasonable” resolutions for the upcoming year with you guys. Of course, this is excluding the biggest most stressful goal—finding a job—but I can multi-task here (quickly adds that one to her resume.)


Throw a plastic bottle into the recycling bag without it bouncing back up and out of the bin and onto the floor.  

Rip bananas off the bunch at the store without feeling like I’m ripping them away from their little banana family, and then returning home without having bruised the bananas.

Take off  my winter boots without also taking off my socks, and if accomplished, step out of my winter boots without stepping directly into a piece of snow that fell on the floor.

Catch the pasta in between al dente and overcooked, which is approximately .84 seconds.

Not only remember to take my reusable grocery bags to the store, but also remember to actually take them into the store before I’m standing in line.

After brushing off my snowy car, open the car door without snow still falling in on the seat somehow.

Put the laundry away the same day that it’s actually washed and dried.

Successfully switch from one phone call to the one on call waiting without hanging up on either of the calls.

Find the right lid to a Tupperware container in less than three attempts.

Alphabetize something without needing to sing the alphabet song in order to actually alphabetize something.

Catch something as it falls off the table without knocking something else off the table.

Open a plastic produce bag in under 10 seconds at the store.

Pump gas and stop on the exact dollar amount instead of spending an extra $10 trying to get it to stop on an even dollar amount.

Try to find the good in every situation. Wait, that was a typo. I meant “food.” Try to find the food in every situation.

I think that last one is most certainly one I can accomplish (said as she walks by the laundry basket full of clean clothes for the third time today.)

Your turn. What’s one “reasonable” goal for 2015, other than not reading about anyone’s goals for 2015? 

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23 responses to “Let’s Set Lofty Goals!

  1. Remember to actually post the written, addressed and stamped birthday cards!! That’s my goal for 2015! xx

  2. Lol! I think I like the reasonable new years goals idea! It drives me crazy that shampoo and conditioner never run out at the same time! And I’m guilty of forgetting my reusable grocery bags ALL the time too! One of my reasonable goals for 2015 is to microwave a bag of popcorn without burning it or only popping half the kernels!

  3. I’m pretty sure the only way to not get snow on your car seat when opening the door is to not go out until the snow melts.

  4. I’m ripping apart bananas in the supermarket as we speak ☺️

  5. Not so lofty, I’d say! I could add so many of these to my list. Especially the reusable grocery bags, the laundry, plastic produce bags….well, basically every single one that doesn’t involve snow and that’s only because I live in Florida.

  6. I think you have set yourself up for failure ~ except for finding a job in 2015! I like the way you think, however. LOL

  7. The tupperware lids are the bane of my existence.

  8. I think you have set yourself up for failure! Except for finding the perfect new job in 2015! I like the way you think. Good luck.

  9. Great list! And I definitely understand the struggle of the job search, you’re not alone. Good luck!

  10. These are some fantastic goals! I will steal some of them. Some of them have been my goal for years, but try try try again….
    The only reason I set new goals around the new year, is because I take a 5 day vacation to visit my dad between xmas & new years, and it is a chance to relax, think, and plot…. I inevitably make some ridiculous goals any time I have a moment to think, I get a lot of moments on this little vacation 🙂

    One of my reasonable goals? Start blogging again 🙂 We’ll see how that works out for me once I return to the chaos of my every day life!

  11. Be able to open my Tupperware cabinet without a bunch of Tupperware falling out. Hmm… most of my “lofty” resolutions like this would require me to do some cleaning first. Bleh. Thanks for the funny and relatable post! 🙂

  12. I think I’ll aim for: “Getting home from the store without even so much as cracking a single egg,” in 2015.

  13. Yes, definitely try to see the food in every situation. And if you don’t see food, find a different situation.

  14. I’d settle for going to the grocery store and returning with everything on my list, including that one thing that prompted the visit in the first place, and often the only thing I forgot to buy.

  15. The snow in the car door. Every. Single. Time. Where does it even come from?

  16. To get my holiday cards out before Valentine’s day!

  17. I would like to wear eye makeup, and keep it on my eyes for more than five minutes.

  18. Hear, hear for modest New Year’s Day resolutions. I’m going to get 8 hours of sleep EVERY night.

  19. Oh crap this reminds me, I need to change the furnace filter.

    I think putting the laundry away on the same day it’s washed is a very lofty goal indeed. I wish you much success with that. If it works out, I’ve got about three baskets which need folding from last year.

    My reasonable goal for 2014 is to embrace squash and that’s because I have a boatload in my basement, which I’ve been accumulating since my Fall CSA started back in October. Everything else is officially gone so it’s finally time to tackle the squash. I can do it.

  20. Oh the awful feeling of taking your sock off with you winter boots and stepping into the wet slush that has accumulated under said boot. Ick. C’mon, summer!

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