Sharing Victoria’s Secret

A few of you mentioned that given the nature of some of the search terms for my blog, I must write about underwear a lot.

In reality, I only did one post about a year ago in which I mentioned some underwear survey I read about and then wished for a pair of underwear I could slip on that would magically help me find a metaphorical emotional balance somewhere between a thong and granny panties.

The post was lame, but it apparently brings in some interesting search terms, and a few weeks ago it brought in one interesting email. I am not including the name of the other person, as I’m sure she’s a nice (or a psycho that would seek revenge) and it’s not my intent to poke fun of her.

However, this email thread was weird and went exactly as I have it below.

HER: I have a silly question, so please forgive the oddness of my request.  I’ve been trying to find the old second skin panties Victoria’s Secret used to make. I some how ended up with a pair a while back and ever since I’ve been on this ridiculous hunt trying to find them all. Of course VS stopped making them years ago.

I noticed you had a lot of them in one of your photos from a post in 2010. Is there any chance you still have them? I’ve been trying so hard to find them, but the only way to get them now is from someone who bought them originally.

I’m sorry if that sounded odd,


ME: Yikes! I wasn’t expecting that question, and I’m afraid you’ll be bummed by my answer. First of all, I bought those years ago, so I’m not sure if they still sell them or not. Second, I’m not too into sending my underwear to other people, as nice as those people may be. Maybe you can get some online?
Good luck!

HER: I hope I didn’t offend you or anything with that question. 😦

ME: It was a bit odd and I’m not sure if you were serious, but it takes a lot to offend me. Good luck with your search!

HER: Aww. Come on! They stopped making them years ago 😦 I’m sorry, I know it’s an odd question but it would mean sooooooooo much too me. I’ve been looking for years trying to find them all. Please consider it Abby!

ME: What am I supposed to be considering? Giving you my underwear? Are you serious? Yes, now this is weird. It’s not like I have a stash of discontinued VS underwear I’m hoarding and not selling to you. It’s a couple pairs of underwear–my underwear–that have been worn. Why would you want those?

HER: I’m sorry. Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not up to any evil shenanigans. It’s just that Victoria’s Secret discontinued them a long time ago and after writing them many times they said they don’t bring back old styles. Most of the ones I have were given to me by other women and they were all happy to part with them.

It may seem odd to you but I don’t mind if they’re used and I’m sorry you found that weird.They’re just one of those odd favorites in life. I would love to see what ones you have and even buy them if they’re the right ones, but if you’re not ready to part with them or have an issue with it again I’m sorry for being so blunt.

ME: That’s okay. To be honest, I’m not even sure which pair we’re talking about, but I think I would like to keep them anyway. But like I said, I wish you luck with your search.

HER: OK. For the sake of it, the leopard prints along with the two blue pairs with flowers are second skin from VS. I think 6-7 of what I can see in that photo are Second Skin. Anyway, those are what I’m looking so hard for.

Take care and if you change your mind, I would still love for you to send them my way!


Picture from that post.

For the record, I wear almost none of these—they were gifts and have a long backstory—but I refuse to send my underwear to a complete stranger who requests them over the Internet.

Unless, of course, that stranger is a hot Canadian hockey player. Then those suckers are headed for the mail.

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(Book does not include complimentary pair of underwear.)


52 responses to “Sharing Victoria’s Secret

  1. I think when you say HER: you might be off by one sex.

    Though your underwear drawer is a LOT more glamorous than mine, so I don’t blame him.

    • There was a little more boring random info in the emails, and I really think it is a woman (I think she’s commented before with equally strange comments.) But like I said, that’s not the “real” underwear drawer. The “real” one is fully of normal things that can be bought in packs of six for $7.

  2. I’m sorry, I won’t ask you for your underwear again…

    But if you change your mind….

  3. You have way fancy underwear! And that was DEFINITELY a dude, in my opinion. Only dudes want women’s used underwear.

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha …. Excuse me, but I think I just hurt myself!

  5. I don’t see the problem. I hope you’ll send me your underwear every day.

    Or, you know, not.

  6. Holy Underwear, Batman! Did you write this post as evidence towards your restraining order?

  7. Okay, that’s just insanely weird. Who wants used undies?

  8. This is in the top 30 creepiest things I’ve seen this week. Bahaha.

  9. i love that a chain developed from this initial email. You kill me. 🙂

  10. some how i just can’t shake the weirdness of this, asking a stranger for their used undies, or just asking a stranger for their undies period, even as a joke.

  11. Melanie The Spork Lover

    Is this a recent email and a lady remembered your panty drawer from two years ago? I’m more frightened about that, than the asking for used panties. But both are creepy.

  12. Jesus.H.Christ.

    That person needs a hobby. Or a boyfriend. Because their interest in underwear is way, way too intense.

  13. Ewwww. Creepy isn’t a strong enough word.

  14. I once put out some similar panties when I had a sidewalk sale. My sister came over to help me and laughed, but I had never worn any of them. Some father full-figured women came by the sale and BOUGHT THE PANTIES. Seriously.

  15. I am not even sure what to say. Wow! Wanting someone’s used underwear is strange enough, but being willing to actually ask for it, is a whole other issue.

  16. That is seriously twisted. Even weirder, I went to and put in VS second skin vintage… there are HUNDREDS of available pairs, patterned and everything…
    Hey!! Maybe you have that stalker you’ve been hankering for, Abby!
    (God, I hope not! Eeewww, a panty coveter! It’s one thing to be coveted for your writing, THAT I could understand, but your USED panties??!? Just Eeewww.)

    • The good thing is that I’ve held onto this post for a few weeks just to make sure a) I didn’t offend her and b) she wasn’t seriously some psycho stalker. I haven’t heard from her since, so I think we’re goo 😉

  17. That is a man. I’m going to bet everything I own that this man also has an ad on Craigslist for used womens panties. You should reconsider; there’s money to be made!

    Just kidding about reconsidering. Sort of. Not at all. Money!

  18. I have to say that I understand this persons frustrations as I too became addicted to a style of underwear (from GAP, not Victoria’s Secret) which has since been discontinued. I’m upset. But, not upset enough to ask someone else for their used underwear. 🙂

  19. This just made my day.
    Made. My. Day.

  20. Creepy.

    And, I like those green flowery looking ones. I’ll trade you the bra from high school that I’ve kept for 12 years?

  21. As my husand says, “Just wow!” I too became addicted to a VS panty 9hi-cut Rio in case you are keeping track now) that was discontinued. I liked them because they had this wide elastic the was perfect for holding in a little tummy. I was upset enough to go back several times asking for them to be brought in from other stores or to be made again, but never, ever did I consider asking someone for theirs!!
    Abby, you may have issues, but this girl takes the prize!

  22. Um… WHAT? That is the CRAZIEST request. EVER.

  23. pretty sure this is an opportunity to make some extra cash… as soon as I finish this comment I’m doing a photo shoot of all my closets and drawers…

    in all seriousness, there is a pair of shoes I have coveted for several years, a pair from Anthropologie that were too much $ to justify then, and now they are gone… (I also think NOW that I should have just bought them then, since I am STILL thinking about them!) I even do google searches every so often, hoping a (new, unworn) pair will surface.

    so, I can say that I CANNOT relate to this At All.

  24. No. No. Where do these people come from? Just too insane. What a giggle

  25. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OK I almost just fell out of my chair. That is some ridiculous shiz.

  26. Wow. How do people like this even exist?

  27. What the….???
    First (but not most importantly)-how would “she” know if you guys were the same size? Second, it’s obviously a dirty, dirty old man. A woman wouldn’t write things like “sorry if I offended you with that question”. It goes without saying.

    I can’t even wrap my mind around this. And I can wrap my mind around almost anything.

  28. I’d search for my favorite manties this way, but I’m sure that any that would be mailed would leave a little too much room in the middle for my tastes.

  29. I’m in Canada so if you send them to me I’ll do my best to hand them out to random hockey players. In return, you need to give out any movie scripts I might write to hollywood producers. Deal?

  30. I am going to have to post photos of my undrwear now. You know, for material for future posts. Though I don’t think I have any rare “retired” models like you do.

    • I had no idea they were such collector’s items. I think they’re super special too because most of them have never been worn. Perhaps I do need to launch an “Abby Has Undies” side business or something. No, perhaps I do not. No more underwear posts.

  31. I’m speechless! I’ve gotten some strange e-mails over the years but no one has ever asked me to send them my USED UNDERWEAR. As I was reading I was like “Ok, whatever” after the first exchange. Girl (or man masquerading as girl?) obviously loves her VS’s. But to keep coming back like that? Creeper territory. Did you know there are whole sites that specialize in selling used (and not washed) women’s underwear? Eeek.

    • Yeah. That exchange was over about a day, and the only reason I didn’t delete it after the first one is a) I’m just super nice or b) I was curious as to what else she would say. Bingo! Blog post, albeit one of the weirder ones.

  32. Man or woman, this person wants to smell your panties.

    I like how you say you wouldn’t send your panties to a “complete stranger.” I think you wouldn’t send your panties to ANY kind of stranger, or friend or relative. Whosoever requested your worn old panties, despite your thrice refusal, you would automatically put on the PANTY PERVERT list.

    Of all the comments saying they like a particular brand or style of shoes, knickers, pants, what have you… there is no way they like them enough to ask for a used version from a complete stranger despite her refusal.

    This got me out of a really bad mood because it was so completely bizarre. It is possible that someone is pulling your leg, off their meds, or sincerely obsessed with used panties from a stranger just because they like the style but it’s about 1000% unlikely. They don’t even sell used panties in used clothing stores. You know why? Because its insane.

    • Well this comment got me out of a mini mood right now, simply because it was so bizarre but amusing. I think you had me at “Panty Pervert List” and no, I wouldn’t send my underwear to any stranger. Or, actually, anyone for that matter.

  33. All that really matters is that you have a killer stash of undies! I’m quite certain there are no leftover maternity underwear in that drawer. I’m envious!

  34. That was beyond wierd. Im not sure theres a word for her/his persistent panty requests.

  35. That is more than a little creepy! lol

  36. StoriesAndSweetPotatoes

    That is the weirdest thing in the world.

  37. BAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s fabulous. I’m with you – I would not be sending my underwear to a stranger over the internet. I’m not into sharing my underwear with anyone.

    My oddest email exchange courtesy the blog was someone who was convined they had giant kidney worms, even though their human doctor told them they didn’t, so they wanted my help/advice. They described all their symptoms in great detail. . . I’m an animal doctor for a reason :S

  38. I’m cracking up about this post. I wear these same underwear, and they are my favorite….been searching for years to find more…especially since they are slowly deteriorating. But asking someone to send me theirs..I don’t think I can ever manage to do.

  39. freespirit424

    love your underwear drawer and how you write. I don’t have one…probably because I hardly ever wear any and only have about 4 pair.. Only if I’m going out in public and have a skirt on. Didn’t used to bother but one time the wind blew my skirt up and guess what….right….screeching tires…now I wear them when I’m out. that was definitely a dude! no female wants used undies no matter how pretty.

  40. Wow.. that was nuts. All that over underwear.

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