High-Tech Hypochondria

Anyone who has ever logged on to WebMD knows that typing in more than one symptom can result in a diagnosis of hypochondria and then side effects from drugs you’re not even taking.

That’s why you have to be careful and make sure you don’t have too many tabs open—on your computer or in your brain—and focus on the website you’re looking at, especially when it concerns your health. To serve as a visual warning, I have created a few Someecards to illustrate my point.








What would you add to the mix?

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17 responses to “High-Tech Hypochondria

  1. These are great. I’m particularly fond of reptile dysfunction simply because I like inappropriate things.

  2. and now I have a very serious case of the Giggles.
    Get me a cupcake stat! 😉

  3. I mixed up WebMD and The Travel Channel and diagnosed myself with “TOURette Syndrome”.

  4. LOVE these!!

  5. Hilarious! You make me smile. 🙂

  6. I mixed up WebMD and The Golf Channel and now I have the Sleeping Sickness.

    hilarious abs

  7. This is too funny! You come up with the best stuff! 👍😉

  8. I think I might actually be emotionally frigid.

  9. I’m weeping with tears of laughter here. You are truly a goddam comic genius, my friend. Off to share!

  10. Throw in the towel? Don’t you dare! I will hunt you down. 🙂

  11. He he. You could just keep these going. They are a great idea

  12. Thanks for the laugh, Abby. Can’t wait to read more. Will pass this on to my FB. I know quite a few people who are as you describe once they hit WebMD!

  13. These were great. Loved the first one. I’m going to have to use it now. Not even with any intro, just say I’m down in the dumplings. Let’s see, mine is “I mixed up WebMD w/ Twitter and found I was Lacking in Character.”

  14. Let’s be honest here, bottom line is, if you’re looking up symptoms on WebMD, you already basically know that regardless of whatever symptom(s) you may have, it will inevitably always come back to cancer.

    In summation, WebMD = You have cancer.

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