Noa from “Oh Noa” Has Issues

The blogger spilling her issues today had made an appearance on this blog many times, but super secret like some super secret spy ninja.

You see, Noa from Oh Noa is the chairwoman, founder and super secret spy ninja leader of “The League of Funny Bit*ches Council” that I am proud to be part of.

In addition to pretending to be my friend, Noa inspires (commands) me to put away the snark for at least one post a month and put on my serious face—a face that basically says, “Resting bit*ch face is really a thing”—and write about her monthly focus topic.

So in some way if you haven’t read her blog before, you already kind of know Noa. And the best part? You can blame her for the crap that I put on this blog at least once a month.


At any rate, here she is in all her glory.


Name: Noa Dangerballs Gavin

Blog:, Oh Noa and The League Of Fu*#in’ Bitches

Where, what and why do you write?

I can write pretty much anywhere, but mostly at my coffee table, sitting on the floor like I’m living in Japan and not sad in Texas. I write a lot of different things: comedy sketches, inspirational things, journals, short stories, novels. I’M A DABBLER. I write because it’s honestly the only thing that keeps me sane. I associate with the world through stories, so without them, I feel very alone.

First thing you think of when you wake up in the morning.

I want an effin’ taco.

What’s the one “issue” or frustration annoying you the most right now?

Women’s rights to make me sound cool (and also because people freaking hate women and that shit needs to stop.) The biggest one I faced today was the fact that chip companies cannot seem to standardize the taste of a barbecue potato chip, and screw that.

Three websites you visit every day.

Cracked, Listverse, Slate.

What’s an unusual talent and/or accomplishment you could never put on a resume?

I was once in a bizarre sort-of-fight-club when I worked at Best Buy. I worked for another huge corporation within Best Buy and I got to be friends with some guys who were fighters, and I wished I was. So, one night we got drunk at one of their houses and they said, “Let’s start a fight club,” because that’s what drunk white boys do. So we did-and I wasn’t terrible. I lost, of course, and ended up with ALL the bruises, but I didn’t back down.

(Editor’s note: Umm…I got nothin’ with this one.)

Favorite place to be?

Outside on a warm patio with a cool breeze, a beer and a cigar and no mosquitoes. Preferably by an ocean. Or lake. River. Pond. A general feeling of water.

(Another editor’s note: I’m no expert, but if you’re looking for an escape from mosquitoes, you probably want to avoid the water when it’s warm outside. Then again, maybe the cigar smoke would ward them off? Carry on as you were…)

If you could rule the land for one day, what laws would you create and enforce?

1) Everyone retakes the driver’s license exam every 10 years. You fail, you lose it forever. Driving is a privilege, not a right. People are so, so terrible at driving and I am tired of watching out for others on the roads.

2) Outlawed focus groups for movies and TV. They’ve done too much damage to the world of entertainment.

3) All grocery stores deliver. I hates it.

(Another note: 1) Yes, except I could be the exception. 2) Let’s just ban groups in general. For everything. 3) Considering I live at the grocery store, I can’t believe we’re friends.)

What TV show would you want to appear on?

Animated? Attack on Titan or Fullmetal Alchemist. Not-Animated? Top Gear. I want a chance at The Stig.

Best and worst things I could find in your refrigerator right now?

I just moved, so best: food. Worst: non-food item that I cannot ID.

What question do you wish I had asked you and what would be your reply?


Well there you have it. A taco-loving, punch-throwing feminist with unidentifiable food in her fridge and mystery bruises. Go show her some love after playing our little game:

Tacos are to Noa as (insert food of choice here) are to you. And…go!

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23 responses to “Noa from “Oh Noa” Has Issues

  1. *double snaps*
    Jumping on the bed and loving this post

  2. Cake. No, cookies. No, ice cream. NO…Cake.

    Another great post! Fight club…hmmm…I’m picturing Buffy vs. Spike, can’t help it. 😉

  3. hollowtreeventures

    I want to say cake, but now all I can think about are tacos and how long it’s been since I had a taco and I’m wondering if there are breakfast tacos I could have with my coffee.

  4. …but what about burritos?!?!

  5. 1. I feel the exact same way about BBQ chips. Why is this still happening?
    2. I second the nomination on the driver’s test thing.
    3. I adore Noa and think everyone else should, too.

  6. The fight club has me dying.

    Tacos are to Noa what sour cream is to me, which is gross, but you asked.

  7. So I don’t even care that I am kind of fangirling because (other than The Bloggess, can’t lie) Abby and Noa are my favorite female bloggers and it made me want to actually use that stupid word ‘squee’ when I saw your names together, and did I mention that Noa’s hair is frickin fabulous? Oh, yeah, and loaded French fries are the bomb diggity, yo…

  8. as Saag Paneer is to me

  9. Noa, I know we’re just meeting now, but I feel like I should let you know that the first rule of Halfass Best Buy Coed Fight Club is: Eh, who cares, talk about Halfass Best Buy Coed Fight Club all you want, I mean, whatevs.

  10. As chocolate molten lava cakes are to me. Though I do love tacos. And, yes, let’s ban focus groups.

  11. We’re ‘nacho’ friends yet, but we admire sarcastic wit when we see it. You’re both featured in our Sangria Sisters Cynical Sisterhood, promoting the funny females we follow. Keep up the good work!

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