Grilled Cheese, Pie and Some Kids With Really Bad Hair

So…we meet again.

I’ll be honest in saying that I’m still trying to get my thoughts together on a more introspective post, but lately my thoughts by the end of the day involve introspection along the lines of, “I would like a second opinion on the fact this jar of hummus is labeled as eight servings” and “Why does the letter ‘W’ have so many damn syllables?”


In other words, my brain is fried.

To be honest, these past couple of weeks have been a real emotional roller coaster. I’ve had some awesome unexpected things happen with work–I’m still one of those annoying people who loves my job–and my writing, but then I’ve also had some really unexpected crappy things happen.

We’re not talking life or death–I’m trying to keep perspective–but rather things beyond my control like a flooded basement with six inches of water and thousands of dollars of clean-up and sewer line replacement that wasn’t in the financial or emotional budget.

Let’s just say I’ve had more men going through my house this past week than I’ve had the past eight years combined. Unfortunately, none of them look like Bradley Cooper, unless Bradley Cooper suddenly morphed into a middle-aged, dirt-covered foreman with the stereotypical plumber’s crack.

Anyway, it kind of threw me because for the first time in a long, long time, I was feeling…happy? Content? I still have a long ways to go–and I need to save this ramble for that introspective post I’m pretending I will write–but I’m actually kind of okay. Not too high, not too low, but just settling into a new and slightly uncomfortable/unfamiliar normal. Then all this crap happened.

But, through the help of some friends and carbs, I’m trying to accept that something bad luck is just that–bad luck–and that good things happening are just good things happening. Sometimes it’s the result of hard work and sometimes it’s just a good thing. You have to accept both and not let either of them go to your head too much. It’s a constant work in progress.

But I digress–as usual.

Speaking of work, I thought I would drop a few links on you from 22 Words in case you want some good weekend reading. I’ll be back at some point with a more coherent post, but for now–what the hell is up with “W,” you know?

Detention Slips That Prove These Kids are Too Hilarious To Care (and hilarious comments on my Facebook page.)

30 Haircuts So Bad That These Kids Might Actually Hate Their Parents Now (We’ve all had a mullet…admit it.)

Hilarious Grocery Store Fails You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

30 Innocent Spelling Mistakes that Make These Kids Seem Completely Inappropriate 

20 Restaurants Where You Can Torture Yourself with Tasty but Insane Food Challenges (I’ll pass on 7 pounds of Italian food, thanks.)

Company Logos with Hidden Images You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t See Sooner

40 of the Most Amazing, Mouthwatering Pies You’ll Ever See 

The Most Breathtaking and Dangerous Flowers in the World (Mother Nature is pretty kick-ass.)

Ridiculous Pet Products that Prove Some People Are Crazy (Three words: Dog sex toys.)

True Animal Heroes Who Saved People From Certain Death

35 Epic Grilled Cheese Sandwiches that  Celebrate April as National Grilled Cheese Month (Seriously. So much delicious. The end.)

And finally, I’m honored to say that I’m included among a fabulously talented group of women as a 2015 BlogHer Voice of the Year Honoree for my “10 Commandments of Grocery Shopping” post. I’m not tooting my own horn–I think it’s broken–but rather humbled and grateful and extending my congrats to everyone there on that list.

With that said, rambling over. See you back here next time.

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18 responses to “Grilled Cheese, Pie and Some Kids With Really Bad Hair

  1. Great post! And yep that may be Why “W” is at the end of the alphabet..We should have been too tired to ask “What Weally (really) Was Wrong, W? ” Mental Marathons
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your ramblings! so much like what goes on in my head when I’m in the shower, trying to fall asleep, or stuck at traffic lights. I’m loving the posts at 22 Words too.

  3. I am definitely of the ‘shit happens’ persuasion. Forget all the ‘everything happens for a reason’ bs. Glad you’ve had some good stuff thrown into the shit stuff. 🙂

  4. Hilarious! Great job

  5. Water loss in the basement, it not only sucks but it stinks as well. Concerning the plumber crack, don’t hate on it. I would not trust a plumber without one, they are a medal of honor.

  6. Lol I thought I was the only one who rambled in their blogs. Great read 🙂

  7. Sometimes things just happen, there’s no reason for EVERY thing, so just go with the flow. I enjoy your blog, and yeah what up with the “W”? haha

  8. Crap luck sucks! Always seems to come in waves unfortunately. Hopefully Bradley Cooper comes in and saves the day for you, I’m still waiting for Katy Perry to show up at my house!

  9. Because I am a former ins. claims adjuster…have you checked if your Homeowners insurance will cover any of this basement problem or if the city is responsible for your sewer pipe failure? Just asking. If so, just carry on!

  10. Grilled cheese is yum!

  11. sisterhoodofthesensiblemoms

    Congratulations on the VOTY and sorry about the basement. Life is always so yin and yang. Ellen

  12. I say toot that horn baby. You deserve it.

    Sorry about the flooding issues. Stuff like that is always such a huge pain in my non-existent badonkey-donk. I am glad to hear you’re still loving the new job though, even when it leaves you mentally drained. I can really relate to that one. When I get home from work, I use have nothing left in the brains department and the idea of penning a post is horrifying.

    Off to check out the grilled cheese. I have my own creation coming to a blog near you soon (i.e. my blog, this week).

    • I saw your pics of the “testing” this week. Although I have to go with non-dairy cheese, umm….it’s bread and cheese (and lots of other delicious things.) Sign me up (with Daiya)! 🙂

  13. Uck! The basement thing. I’ve had that happen. It’s horrible. Sorry to hear you had to go through that. 😦 We lost all of our seasonal stuff, meaning my family Christmas ornaments were all toast. But, there was one funny thing about the whole situation. We have one of those scary basements that you can only access from outside the house. We opened those creaky metal doors and saw several inches of water, and floating in the water were several skulls. It took us a few minutes to realize it was the Halloween decorations. Of course I took pictures.

  14. We’ve all been there, life has its ups and downs. I have this problem where I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. And thanks for making me question the letter “w” lol!

  15. If someone says they don’t sing the alphabet song to alphabetize.

    Shoot them. They are straight liars.

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